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Independent Venue Week: Bang, Bang Romeo @ EBGBS, Seel Street 04/02/2018

Independent Venue Week came to an end on Sunday night with Doncaster rock outfit Bang, Bang Romeo taking over EBGBS.

EBGBS, Seel Street
An empty EBGBS after a flawless performance from Bang, Bang Romeo.

Independent Venue Week has seen many bands from across the UK come to the unique venues of Liverpool. EBGBS opened its doors this time for Glaswegian band, Noah, Noah.

It was a bitterly cold night on Merseyside and we needed something to warm us up; enter Noah, Noah. Warming indie anthems, littered with stunning melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Add in slick beats and an extra dose of emotions with the trumpet complimenting the sounds emitting from the stage, it was a beautiful performance. With tracks like ‘Everest’, they’re latest single, the concoction of noise they created with their powerful songs was a gripping start to the final night of Independent Venue Week.

Local trio Mad Alice, followed and to be blunt, it was a fucking explosive set. With exhilarating riffs and funky bass, it was an exciting performance. The band couldn’t hide their enjoyment of being up on stage, while lead singer Caitlin Hare, would hug her bass guitar occasionally and then sway around.

The band lit up EBGBS with their thrilling rock and left no one disappointed. Quirky tracks like ‘Catch Me If You Can’ creating a fun vibe, they could create a storm with slower songs that’d eventually culminate in aggressive and adrenaline-pumping instrumentals.

Mad Alice are a band that’ll leave you breathless with their whirlwind sets. Think of Queens of the Stone Age’s moodiness intertwined with Wolf Alice’s quirkiness and you have Mad Alice. If you see that they’re playing in Liverpool or in a town near you, catch them if you can… pun definitely intended.

One of Liverpool’s brightest prospects Life at the Arcade, are a band we’ve been eager to catch live for some time. They presented to the crowd an infectious sound, filled with power-driven instrumentals and passionate lyrics.

Lost in the moment of it all, frontman Paddy Clegg was visibly loving the fact that the crowd were hooked on every word coming out of his mouth. The near-full EBGBS was completely fixed on the gorgeous sounds being made by Life at the Arcade.

With their debut EP on the way later this year, Life at the Arcade are one of Liverpool’s most exciting bands around to watch out for.

Bang, Bang Romeo were tasked with bringing the curtains down on Independent Venue Week but instead brought the house down. The Doncaster band were a sight to behold, with a glorious performance from each member.

Anastasia Walker demanded your attention, if not for her incredible voice then for her on-stage persona. One minute she would be screaming “fuck” to the ceiling, the next posing for selfies with people in the crowd. She enticed everyone to the edge of the stage and would blow them away with her incredible voice.

Meanwhile, lead guitarist Ross Cameron would be emphatically playing out glorious riffs as if his life depended on it. The way this band compliment each other is fantastic. Inducing sing-a-longs during ‘Chemical’ and ‘Invitation’, Bang, Bang Romeo know just how to get you addicted to their sound.

EBGBS had live music on every night last week and there were many highlights, including Frank Turner, BRIBES and Generation but hats of to the organisers, they  ensured Independent Venue Week ended in spectacular fashion.

Independent Venue Week may be over but EBGBS, Studio 2 on Parr Street, Zanzibar and many more are there all year round. In the wake of The Magnet closing down last week, it’s clear they need us gig-goers as much as we need live music. Support your local venue and get up and find your new favourite band.

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