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On The Radar: Wild Fruit Art Collective

The latest edition of On The Radar sees our focus turn to Wild Fruit Art Collective.

Artwork for ‘Fabric’ by Wild Fruit Art Collective
Artwork for Wild Fruit Art Collective‘s latest single ‘Fabric’, designed by Kirsten Roberts.

We first got a glimpse of Wild Fruit Art Collective back in April of last year when they raised the curtains at WRONG Fest. The dark and gloomy sound was captivating back then and 10 months on, with their latest single ‘Fabric’, out now they sound just as good.

A band that have had their work cut out for them, including the lead guitarist Conor Jones, dealing with a collapsed lung twice. When they’ve had their chance to shine, they’ve took it and made it memorable. With performances outside Liverpool One’s John Lewis store while wearing MacDondald’s wrappers for masks or at underground venues dressed as posh Tory ladies, they know how to get your attention.

Wild Fruit Art Collective opening the day with a bang @ WRONG Fest
Wild Fruit Art Collective opening WRONG Fest 2017 with a bang.

Their new single ‘Fabric’, is a track brimming with intensity from the start with soaring guitars, rolling drums and the powerful vocals of Jamie Roberts. When it booms into action, it’s like a swelling storm of sound, capturing the sense of chaos in the songs message.

A song about self-realisation that you can only be the person you want at the expense of others near or far. Neglecting any humane morales and soldiering on is their suggested solution or implode into chaos altogether.

Their cynical outlook, twinned with their moody sound as heard on ‘Fabric’ is also dominant on their debut single, ‘Under the Hooves’. Filled with bubbling tension dying to burst to the surface, with a gothic sound really adds to the atmosphere. That tension we mentioned finally erupts with a thrilling instrumental to close out the track. It’s almost like a relief when it dramatically reaches its peak.

Released via Eggy Records, the latest single by Wild Fruit Art Collective ‘Fabric’, is available to download or stream now.

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