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Alien Parade @ Fred Zepplins, Cork 04/11/2022

Alien Parade led the Cork line up in Fred Zepplins, bringing Leesiders Stoned Orchid and Kill ‘Em Charlie along for the ride.

Words by Jack Squibb

Alien Parade performing at Fred Zepplins, Cork.
Alien Parade @ Fred Zepplins, Cork 04/11/2022

A collection of new talent on the Cork scene took centre stage on a wintry night. Alien Parade, Kill ‘Em Charlie and Stoned Orchid all took over Fred Zepplins.

Opening were Stoned Orchid, making their on-stage debut. New kids on the block but still pulling in a strong crowd to take in the soaring melodies throughout an emotionally driven set. It was a short and sweet performance, playing all they have in their repertoire, declaring so when asked for “one more tune” and informing they literally didn’t have one.

Stoned Orchids performing at Fred Zepplin’s, Cork.
Stoned Orchids @ Fred Zepplins, Cork 04/11/2022

Kill ‘Em Charlie followed next, taking Freds through the works with a fine-tuned performance.

Their tongue-in-cheek charm wooed the crowd with lad rock, their own twist on classic Gorillaz and Elvis Costello tracks and then mellowing out the mood too with a touch of soft rock for good measure.

Kill ‘Em Charlie performing at Fred Zepplins, Cork.
Kill ‘Em Charlie @ Fred Zepplins – 04/11/2022

The chemistry amongst the band was something to admire, watching them play off one another and spurring each other on. Their energy infectious with the Freds audience hooked on every line sung and chord struck.

Alien Parade frontman, Keith Baldwin playing guitar off the stage.
Frontman Keith Baldwin, sucked into the crowd.

With a new EP due in the new year, the charming lads of Kill ‘Em Charlie could be ones to watch in 2023.

It was a hypnotic end to the night when Alien Parade took to the stage. A riveting set of psychedelic twinned with grunge, they lulled the crowd with entrancing riffs and then snapping them out of it with frenzied melodies.

One minute people were waltzing, the next, jumping on each other’s backs as the mood swung like a pendulum.

With smooth rhythms on guitar and slick beats backing them, it was a fun way to bring the curtains down on an entertaining night.

Alien Parade performing at Fred Zepplins, Cork
Alien Parade closing out a night of Cork music.

People got their money’s worth and then some for only €5.

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