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Hashmaker @ Fred Zepplin’s, Cork 21/01/2023

Celebrating the sudden release of their second EP Bangers & Hash, Cork metal outfit Hashmaker took to Fred Zepplin’s in explosive fashion.

Words by Jack Squibb

Hashmaker lead singer looks over while wearing a lobster head costume.
Lobsters, mosh pits, 90’s dance moves in the crowd. A night of carnage provided by Hashmaker.

Hashmaker were joined by Shäm and Outsound, rounding out an all-Cork line-up for the release party.

Instantly recognised for the flames that rise up the walls on Parliament Bridge, Fred’s had the fire taken in doors when Shäm opened with an all-out war on eardrums. Pure intensity and rage engulfing the room, sparking bedlam with mosh pits shaking the venue as Jamie Hogan growled at them, inciting for more chaos.

Sham frontman crowdsurfing while topless in Fred Zepplin’s
Sham’s frontman, Jamie Hogan surfed along the heads of the early arrivers during a pulsating set.

Shäm brought the room to its capacity with a queue backing up for more to catch the rest of the night. A set of deafening metal as Hogan bounced around in his underwear, conducting the storm he brewed in front of him. By the time their set had passed, it was left to the staff to swiftly clean up the wreckage of broken glasses and spilled drinks like a relief team brought in after a hurricane.

Outsound lead singer holding his microphone while performing at Fred Zepplin’s
Outsound @ Fred Zepplin’s

Sometimes all you need is some good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. Then when that’s just about to be delivered, a fire alarm will go off and cause everyone to spill out on to the side of Parliament Bridge. Eventually Outsound got to leave their mark, with sounds at times like AC/DC and then striking similarities to System of a Down, the next.

Outsound can make for the perfect gateway into heavy rock for those wanting to expand their taste. With transitions that can go from power-ballad territory to just sheer power in sound. Heavy bass lines to shake the room, the intensity would only rise with hard-hitting hooks and infectious beats to back. For a set that matched the opening performance for its intensity, it was a surprise to see shifting bodies throughout and not sticking around to take in a thrilling set.

Hashmaker @ Fred Zepplin’s
Hashmaker @ Fred Zepplin’s

Hashmaker dropped their new EP on short notice then christened it with their headline performance in spectacular fashion. Citing Limp Bizkit as one of their biggest influences on their sound, they embrace that with their aggressive sound.

Heavy riffs at volumes that tested the strength of Fred’s sound system were hammered into the ears of the crowd. Mosh pits imploded as Adam Graham growled through new song, ‘Lobstrosity’. Shirts were whipped off and people up on shoulders during an ode to Cork kebab shop, Speedos.

A thumping performance that culminated with the crowd spilling on to the stage as they closed things out with a cover of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’. Christening Bangers & Hash in thrilling fashion, it was a night to remember for the Cork quintet.

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  • Hashmaker lead singer looks over while wearing a lobster head costume.
    Lobsters, mosh pits, 90’s dance moves in the crowd. A night of carnage provided by Hashmaker..

Both Hashmaker and Outsound are back on stage soon for a joint headline show:

Outsound with Hashmaker @ Cyprus Avenue, Cork 02/02/2023 – Tickets

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