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Welcome to JACKS, a webzine for you to get all the latest on the music scene across Ireland. We also keep you up to date with the latest news, reviews and more.

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JACKS was founded in 2016 in Liverpool, with the main focus being to shine a light on the city’s thriving music scene. From the local bands on the rise, to the venues that brought in some of the best artists in the world to Merseyside, we covered it all.

The site became a platform for local artists to get the word out and show what they can do and when people can next see them do it.

In early 2018, JACKS got a new look and a new home. A gradual transition across the Irish Sea, JACKS now turns its attention to the island of Ireland.

Plugging into the music that matters, we have seen and featured Irish musicians of the past, present and future, that give Ireland its reputation as one of the best producers in the world for great music.


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