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Bang Bang Romeo unveil video for ‘Shame On You’

Sheffield alt-rockers Bang Bang Romeo, have released the video for their latest single ‘Shame On You’ as they take on festival season.

Bang Bang Romeo
Bang Bang Romeo prepare for festival season with new video for ‘Shame On You’.

Let’s flashback to early February. It was cold, it was dark and snow was on the way. However, it was also Independent Venue Week and it ended in thunderous fashion in EBGBS, when Bang Bang Romeo performed on the final night.

Now back to present day, five months later. The Sheffield trio in those months have been rather busy. More gigs, recording new songs and most impressively, heading to New York to sign a worldwide record deal with the label Eleven Seven.

Bang Bang Romeo are now diving into festival season head first, with a number of appearances up and down the country. They already put on a resounding performance at the Isle of Wight Festival and are heading for Tramlines Festival, Kendal Calling and Victorious Festival later this summer.

Ahead of their stint of festival appearances, the band have teased what we can expect from their debut album, with a video for ‘Shame On You’.

It’s interesting to hear a song that’s about cheating on a partner but this time from the perspective of the one they’re cheating with. It makes it a lot better with a crisp and slick beat, and a heavy, intensely strung bassline throughout. The icing on the cake though is the domineering vocals from Anastasia Walker.

Walker sings with a confliction as she knows what she’s going to do is wrong but just can’t resist. “Shame on you, shame on me… it’s what we do”, knowing it’s wrong and everyone involved are in the wrong, it’s still hard to not give in to the rush and excitement of it.

She drives her frustrations for lack of self-control home when she sings “I can’t keep my hands to myself, you’re my favourite bad decision, you’re no good for my health…”.

Bringing the song to life, the band sit at a high-end bar and watch as promiscuity flows throughout the bar, from sleezy men sneaking to the bathroom for a quickie, or a bartender walking by with a lipstick stained collar.

At an early stage in the life of Bang Bang Romeo, they’re already putting out killer songs. Get familiar with them now, because you’re going to be hearing a lot more from them very soon.

Catch them at the following festivals this summer:

21st July – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield, UK

26th to 29th July – Kendal Calling, Cumbria, UK

26th August Victorious Festival, Portsmouth, UK

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