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Toronto Blessings release new single ‘Give Nothing’

Barnsley outfit Toronto Blessings, have released their second single ‘Give Nothing’, along with a trippy lyric video.

Toronto Blessings
Backed with a trippy lyric video, Toronto Blessings have revealed their second single ‘Give Nothing’

Barnsley alt-rockers are back with their second single, ‘Give Nothing’. It’s an intense and whirring track, filled with rumbling hooks and rolling beats. Moving at a ferocious tempo, you’ll find it hard to keep up with their latest offering.

It’s an intense affair with a grunge feel to it. Punching home the issue of shouting about a cause but only for attention, with no sincerity, it really strikes a nerve. With lines like “There’s more of life to see, than some flat earth conspiracy…”, we really hear the frustration caused by hypocrisy that they’re irritated by.

The urgency in Rik Whitehead’s voice is searing. He drives home that he’s pissed of the fickleness of how a lot of people take a stance, just for the sake of it. Meanwhile, the rippling bass throughout runs through you with a rifling intensity.

Give Nothing’s’ lyric video comes with a warning for those with epilepsy, that it may cause seizures. The reason behind this, is that it’s packed with flashing lights and trippy visuals that could send anyone into a daze.

Wile the opening frames of the video does heed a warning for those that suffer from seizures, we do advise to proceed with caution. If you’re happy to watch, then check the video out below.

For those who suffer from epilepsy or similar conditions, listen to ‘Give Nothing’ below.

Toronto Blessings’ second single is out now. Let us know what you think of their newest offering and get in touch via the comments section below. Or let us know by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.

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