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On The Radar: Turnstiles

One of our favourites to emerge in 2020, Turnstiles are On The Radar with their latest single, ‘Same Old Stories’.

Words by Jack Squibb

Turnstiles are On The Radar with the release of their single, ‘Same Old Stories.

Hailing from Galway, before lockdown Turnstiles were causing shockwaves within their local circuit and were starting to turn heads up and down the country too.

The punk band have a collection of songs already in their arsenal that deliver a thrilling live show. ‘Tantrum’, ‘Wasting Away’ and ‘I.D.C’ are each storming classic punk tracks bursting with adrenaline.

Turnstiles are now back with their latest track, ‘Same Old Stories’, recorded in Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin where the likes of David Bowie, Van Morrison and other greats have graced. The opportunity arose after the band won the inaugural Star Nation music competition at Whelan’s, which also landed them €3,000 worth of equipment.

Frontman, Callum Mitchell takes a stab at those opportunities missed and looking back in regret with the same excuses at play for why they passed by. Mitchell warns:

In between the night and the break of the day… you would be surprised at the things they say… take it with a pinch but don’t forget, you don’t want to end up with that kind of regret…

A playful melody backs him up in the rapid-fire track with a sharp hook and slick bass and beat to boot too.

Turnstiles @ The Button Factory 18/02/2020
Turnstiles bringing some good old fashioned punk to The Button Factory back in February.

The new single from Turnstiles is out now and you can listen to it below.

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