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On the Radar – Laura Duff

Limerick singer-songwriter, Laura Duff is the latest to show up On the Radar. Her second single, ‘Good Form’ from her upcoming sophomore EP, Heavy Summer is out now.

Words by Jack Squibb

Laura Duff
Laura Duff is On the Radar ahead of the release of her new single, ‘Good Form’. Photo by Laya Kenny.

Laura Duff is gearing up to release the follow-up to 2019’s EP, Follow Your Company and the next single off the forthcoming EP, ‘Good Form’ is out now.

A dreamy pop track, Laura takes us through the ventures of a new romance blossoming. Painting a picture of each stage along the way from the small talk, to the first date and the feelings that come in hand when it all clicks.

A luscious melody rides all the way through as Duff implores to be kept in “good form” so the feeling isn’t lost;

Keep me in good form hun, better in your arms… keep me here, adored, better than ever…

Good Form’ is a heartwarming song, with Laura capturing the essence of a new romance beginning in it’s purest form.

The new single from Laura Duff, taken from the forthcoming EP, Heavy Summer has been out since Friday 8th October.

Gigs are back at long last, while they may be at reduced capacity and seated for now, they’re back nonetheless. This means there’s a chance to catch Laura Duff and her band live! After kicking her Irish tour off in Co. Clare before heading to Galway as part of the Circuit Arts Festival with Stephen Sharpe, Straightpour and Yurtis Mayfield, Laura is set for two hometown shows in Limerick.

Laura Duff remaining October tour dates:

8/10 – supporting Hey Rusty @ The Record Room, Limerick

15/10 – supporting Dylan Flynn and the Dead Poets @ Dolan’s, Limerick

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