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Turnstiles find solace in music on new single, ‘Tantrum’

Galway punk band, Turnstiles release their third single ‘Tantrum’, as they find peace in music amidst the chaos of the world.

Words by Jack Squibb

Turnstiles are back with their third single, ‘Tantrum’.

Turnstiles have been tipped by many as ones to look out for in 2020 and their latest release only backs up those shouts. After shaking up the music scene in and around Galway, the band have been starting to turn heads up and down the country.

Latest release, ‘Tantrum’ is another rapid-fire track from the band that demands your attention.

Those that have already caught Turnstiles live will recognise it as their curtain-raiser. Opening sets with good reason, as it starts with a long and tense sequence dominated by a gradually rising hook.

Then enters frontman, Callum Mitchell, striking a chord with his lyrics as he takes refuge in music:

In the tantrum, in the violence, music is my mind’s asylum… for a minute, shut my eyelids, everything else is silence…”, he implores.

The tense affair as Mitchell describes his escapism, is matched at the climax with thunderous drums and bass while guitars swell and take over.

‘Tantrum’, the new single by Turnstiles is out now.
‘Tantrum’, the new single by Turnstiles is out now.

Recorded in Lakeland Studios in Athlone and produced by Mike O’Dowd, Turnstiles latest single is a thrilling ode to the power of music and it’s ability to make things better, if only for a short-while.

Listen to ‘Tantrum’, the new single from Turnstiles below:

The band will be giving the track it’s first outing as an official release on Tuesday 18th February in the Button Factory, Dublin. They’ll be playing alongside TV People and Sprints for free-event, TiLT.

They’ll then be back in the capital city, returning to Whelan’s for a gig alongside Nerves on Friday 21st February.

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