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Review: The Bonk – Songs For The Mean Time Vol. 1

The Bonk have kept themselves busy during lockdown, with the band working away on new material, resulting in Songs For The Mean Time Vol. 1.

Words by Jack Squibb

Phillip Christie of The Bonk
The Bonk have returned with a new EP to tie us over until LP 2 arrives.

Phillip Christie of The Bonk has kept busy during lockdown and is now sharing what he’s been up to while the world came to a halt for the last four months.

The Bonk have put together a small collection of songs that have been created during the lockdown. Songs For The Meantime Vol. 1 is short and sweet, three tracks that are in line with The Bonk’s zany sound that we’ve become accustomed to since the release of their debut, The Bonk Seems To Be A Verb.

A welcomed return sees Christie put together three tracks that are just a little reminder that once gigs are back, it’ll be worth the wait when bands like The Bonk can finally take to a stage again.

The opening track, ‘Fool Me Twice’, Christie had to say about it:

“’Fool Me Twice’ is a one-sided conversation, dealing with how people use the internet as an oracle that gives access to ultimate knowledge, and the weird things that emerge when our wide variety of ignorances collide online. Some craic.”

The song is doused with an eclectic sound, with whirring effects clashing with the keyboard and slick beat of the drum, it’s an infectious melody to open the EP. Check out the video below.

Using the internet as a bottomless pit of knowledge hasn’t been the only thing that the lockdown has seen us dive into. With closing track ‘Time To Cop On’ a jazzy number that softly tells the listener that it’s “time to cop on”. Now whether that’s in relation to something else or a newly-found habit of online shopping when there was a 5km radius in place and with high street stores closed, who knows?

Throughout, it’s a warming return from The Bonk who have been working on the follow up to debut album, The Bonk Seems To Be A Verb. Until then, they’ve given us Songs For The Meantime. A nice collection to tie us over until LP 2 arrives.

Songs For The Mean Time Vol. 1 by The Bonk.
Songs For The Mean Time Vol. 1 by The Bonk is out now.

Verdict: 7/10

You can stream or purchase Songs For The Mean Time Vol. 1 by The Bonk now via their Bandcamp page by clicking here.

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