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We Are Scientists @ Cyprus Avenue, Cork, Ireland 25/07/2018

New York duo We Are Scientists, came to Cyprus Avenue on Wednesday night, as their Irish tour continued.

We Are Scientists @ Cyprus Avenue, Cork 25/07/2018
We Are Scientists returned to Cork as they continued their Irish tour.

We Are Scientists released their fourth album Megaplex, earlier this year and recently made their return to Ireland. The band performed in Galway, Dublin and on Wednesday, Cork.

Dott frontwoman, Anna McCarthy
Anna McCarthy of Dott, opening for We Are Scientists.

Joining them for their Irish tour were garage band, Dott. Fronted by Anna McCarthy, the Galway quartet blew the early arrivers away with dreamy hooks, driven bass lines and quirky tales of modern love.

What was really great about Dott’s performance is that it felt like a throwback in time to a 90s sound. While performing songs like ’Heart Swell’, ‘Bleached Blonde’ or the euphoric ‘Wedding Song’, it was like watching a less moody Wolf Alice.

Dott were able to draw you in and then raise their game with bursts of ecstatic melodies. It was an emphatic start to the night. The band are returning to Cork on August 24th for a show in Fred Zepplin’s, as part of their tour for their debut album Heart Swell.

Dott supporting We Are Scientists @ Cyprus Avenue, Cork 25/07/2018
Dott supported We Are Scientists, playing songs from their debut album, Heart Swell.
We Are Scientists bassist Chris Cain
We Are Scientists bassist Chris Cain, during their set at Cyprus Avenue.

We Are Scientists came on stage to a rapturous reception from a packed Cyprus Avenue. Just the sight of them on stage sent the crowd to another level before they’d even picked up an instrument. The New York trio on stage soaked up the vibe emitting from the crowd and the energy was electric both on and off the stage.

As they worked through their back-catalogue of indie rock, it was filled with so much joy, as the songs swelled and imploded out of the speakers and on to the crowd. There wasn’t a single person able to stand still, with everyone worked up a sweat, as We Are Scientists took over the venue.

With euphoric moments, opening with ‘Your Light Has Changed’ transitioning into fan favourite ‘The Great Escape’, they locked the Cork crowd in for a whirlwind of a night. There was no moment for a breather, with the set being all thriller and no filler. The mood bounced between joyous and uplifting to intense and brooding, with songs like ‘Rules Don’t Stop’ adding an edge to the night.

We Are Scientists frontman, Keith Murray
After an adrenaline-rushing set, Keith Murray leans into the crowd for the final song.

As the new mixed with the old, it was a pulsating performance filled that left everyone stunned by the end. Closing with ‘Textbook’ after an breathtaking performance, Keith Murray, leaned against the low beams as he sung. Eventually he hopped off the stage to submerge into the crowd and glide through Cyprus Avenue amongst the masses.

We Are Scientists left Cork longing for more. On a hot summers night and after an electric performance, I don’t think anyone could’ve taken much more. Their set will go down as a summer highlight for those in Cyprus Avenue on Wednesday night.

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