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Review: The Vryll Society – Course of the Satellite

One of the most anticipated records to come out of Liverpool is finally here. Our verdict is in on The Vryll Society’s debut album, Course of the Satellite.

The Vryll Society
One of Liverpool’s finest acts, The Vryll Society have released their debut album, Course of the Satellite.

The Vryll Society are one of the finest talents to hail from Merseyside and have been tipped to soar high more or less since they emerged. Now with their first record out in the world, the band are showing just why everyone in Liverpool have been excited about them.

The Vryll Society’s debut is packed with infectious melodies, with each member having their moment to shine on the record. The dreamy melody on ‘Andrei Rublev’ sweeps you away, then when you reach ‘Shadow of a Wave’, the quick tempo, along with a heavier bass-line has a vague familiarity to early Kings of Leon.

With captivating instrumentals throughout and touching lyrics, they’ve put together a dazzling record.

One of the stand out moments on Course of the Satellite is ‘Light at the Edge of the World’. Opening with the sound of setting up a cassette player, the effect on his vocals plays into the same style. Like overhearing from someone elses loud headphones, with a smooth beat backing it before moving into the chorus and lifting into a rousing spirit.

She’s got her head in the clouds well I know how it feels… I think the people need to listen when it’s all been revealed and she used to sing… can we stay forever? I think we’re gonna like it here…”. Poetic lines like this make it a delight. Frontman, Mike Ellis’s songwriting skills are mesmerising and the brilliant melody is the cherry on the cake.

For the most part it’s an album that wants you to let go and have fun, with flowing guitar lines and quirky beats. The psych-rock album is hypnotic. The poetic talent of Ellis is inspiring.

It’s groovy moments are a throwback to 80s disco, with a touch of funk appearing on tracks ‘When the Air is Hot‘ and ‘Inner Life’. Stacked with gorgeous melodies, it’s a record you can enjoy from start to end.

One of Liverpool’s finest acts are no longer a best kept secret around Merseyside. With Course of the Satellite out amongst the world, they’re on course for big things.

Course of the Satellite by The Vryll Society
The debut record Course of the Satellite, by The Vryll Society is out now.

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘When The Air Is Hot’, ‘Light At The Edge of The World’ and ‘Shadow of a Wave

Verdict: 9/10

Catch The Vryll Society play Course of the Satellite live when they takeover the O2 Academy in Liverpool on October 19th.

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  1. Hi, I love Course of the Satellite! Too bad I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere 🙁 Do you happen to have it?

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