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SPONSORED: New Chrome extension helps unlock hidden Netflix categories

A new extension available for the Google Chrome web browser helps Netflix users unlock thousands of hidden categories.

A new Chrome extension helps users unlock thousands of hidden genres on Netflix.

We all know the joke by now when it comes to deciding what to watch on Netflix. Sitting down with company, flicking through film after film, never finding something to watch you can all agree on. By the time you find something, after scrolling through the same categories hundreds of times, it doesn’t feel worth watching anymore.

Could it be that Netflix doesn’t offer enough categories that can make selecting a show or film easier? If that is the case for you, then the new Google Chrome and Firefox extension could be the game changer you’ve needed.

Netflix – Hidden Categories, is an extension that unlocks thousands of Netflix’s hidden categories. So if you happen to be desperate to see thrillers starring Nicholas Cage, or want critically-acclaimed comedies based on books, this is the extension that’ll take your binge-watching sessions to the next level.

Designed and built by Cork-based app designer Robert Gabriel, he said; “I was trying to find something new to watch one night. After spending more time than I’d like to admit searching for something, I gave up and resorted to re-watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

While watching Danny DeVito and the gang, I wondered what other TV comedies he’s featured in. That’s when I thought; “there should be a category for that!

Gabriel launched the extension this summer. The extension is available for Netflix users who use the streaming service on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. What’s better is that the extension is available to use free of charge.

To unlock those hidden categories and get even more out of your Netflix experience, click here to download the extension now for Google Chrome users. Click here for Firefox users.

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