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Niamh Regan drops new single ‘Love You Senseless’

Galway singer-songwriter, Niamh Regan has released her new single, ‘Love You Senseless’ from her forthcoming EP, In The Meantime.

Words by Jack Squibb

Niamh Regan
Ahead of the release of her EP, Niamh Regan has put out, ‘Love You Senseless’.

Nominated for a Choice award in 2020 for her debut album Hemet, Regan is ready to release its follow-up with the EP, In The Meantime. Due out on November 21st, the folk singer has already released one track, ‘Happy Again’. A song of realisation that after wading through hardship and perhaps down in self-confidence too, that the narrator is, as the title implies, “happy again”.

The follow-up to the lead single, ‘Love You Senseless’ sees Regan feeling frustrated when wanting to rid of someone’s woes doesn’t have a quick fix. Looking for a way to help someone when that person may not be ready to accept help. A clash of mixed of emotions on when should she step in or should she wait to be reached out to and the sense of guilt those thoughts may bring:

I mean I love you senseless I love you blind… Love me through this make it worth my while

Cause you were in a bad way… I just never notice…

Speaking about the new single, Regan said:

Watching someone you love struggle can be difficult and this song focuses on the question of ‘how we can fix it’ and how irritable and guilty we can become when there’s no immediate answer.”

The stunningly composed track from the forthcoming EP, In The Meantime is out now.

Niamh hits the road next month, with shows both in the UK and across Ireland, including a sold-out appearance at Quiet Lights Festival in Cork.

Niamh Regan November 2021 tour

Tickets are on sale now and available by clicking here.

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