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Review: Psycho Comedy – Performance Space Number One

Psycho Comedy are set to blow you away with their debut album, Performance Space Number One when it drops on Valentines Day.

Words by Jack Squibb

Psycho Comedy
Psycho Comedy release their debut album, Performance Space Number One on February 14th.

It’s an album rammed with heavy bass-lines, heavy thoughts and soaring guitars. It’s a perfect combination of poetry and filthy bass lines. This album takes your breath away within seconds of pressing play and doesn’t give it back until the end of closing track ‘One’.

A cross of thrilling unadulterated rock and hypnotic shoegaze, Psycho Comedy strike a perfect balance that’s going to leave you begging for more.

Opening wildly with ‘Psycho Comedy’, it’s a statement track of raw energy and blistering rock n roll. Think The Beatles’ ‘Seargant Pepper’s…’ opener but on steroids and aggressive. Ripping the bandaid off, the tone is set for the record.

Performance Space Number One has range, while the fuzzy hooks and heavy bass lines make you lose all inhibitions, Shaun Powell’s lyrics contrast vastly with cynical lines that can stop you in your tracks and make you reflect.

Speaking of which, hollers, yips and shouts for your attention and expects you to submit to him. On the opening track, Matthew Thomas Smith takes charge, his distinct scouse accent states over and over, “we won’t stop the music…”. The question though, is why would anyone want them to?

He isn’t afraid to point the finger at himself on ‘Numb’, when wondering why he doesn’t feel anything for the mistakes he’s inflicted upon himself:

Well I know, that I’m not so young… well I’m numb from all that I have done…” he wincingly sings.

It’s a fun track melodically but as you listen closer to the words, it’s heartbreaking.

While on ‘Pick Me Up’, he seeks escapism from depression:

Mister kick your medicine, I’m off my meds again tonight… because Madison Avenue Pharmacy have taken all they got from me tonight…” he sings with assurance.

Then proceeds to see who’s going to indulge him and “pick me up”.

A standout moment is the zany ‘The Hangman’. Psychedelic bass and whirring sound effects engulf you in the opening moments. A beat then seeps in and gains momentum quickly. It feels like a trip that’s starting to take a wrong turn and send you spiralling out of control.

The guitars pecking in, add to the mood too, the tension teeters on the edge all the way through. With Powell spitting out every now and again “shut that door!…

Each member justify why Psycho Comedy have been hyped as the next best band from Merseyside. Conor Duff’s gritty bass lines rumble all the way through, Jack Thompson’s infectious hooks, while Lydia McGhee on rhythm sets the mood with her slick melodies and drummer Jack Williams keeps the tempo.

On each track, there’s a stand out moment from everyone in the band.

Psycho Comedy have crafted a heart-racing album that is already an early and strong contender for Liverpool’s album of the year.

Performance Space Number One, the debut album from Psycho Comedy, out February 14th.
Performance Space Number One, the debut album from Psycho Comedy, out February 14th via Silver Machine Records.

The band will perform an album launch for Performance Space Number One on Saturday 15th February in Phase One, Liverpool. Tickets on sale now via Skiddle.

Verdict: 8/10

Tracks worth putting on repeat: Numb, ‘Pick Me Up’ and  ‘The Hangman

Performance Space Number One, the debut album from Psycho Comedy  is out on Friday 14th February.

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