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Review: The Love Buzz – Candy Flip EP

Formerly known as The Slut Club, Cork trio The Love Buzz begin life under a new name with their EP, Candy Flip.

The Love Buzz
Cork trio The Love Buzz have released their three-track EP, The Candy Flip.

The Candy Flip pays tribute to the band’s past with the psychedelic sound we grew accustomed to but shows that with a new name, there’s a new direction that makes the future bright for The Love Buzz.

Their cheeky storytelling is still at the forefront, from tongue-in-cheek lyrics about single life on lead single ‘The Picky Eater’, to longing for older women in ‘Ken’s Charm’.

Watch the surreal video for lead single ‘The Picky Eater’, directed by  Callum Casey, below:

Disco Junkie 1200’ is a whirlwind of a track, with an infectious melody but invoking lyrics. The tale of a person low in confidence taking to the nightclubs for a fling. ‘Disco Junkie 1200’ is stacked with infectious hooks and matched with a smooth bass line. The track is like a pendulum, swinging from groovy to intense throughout. It’s a song that stands out.

Their sound is hard to nail down to one particular thing. The only way to describe it is to imagine if Tame Impala and Interpol had a love-child; psychedelic melodies on one verse, then heavy and intense instrumentals bursting on the next.

The EP is another example that Kieran Hurley, Aidan Lynch and Henry Love are heading in the right direction. Their unpredictability makes them all the more exciting, when you think you know what direction a song is heading in, it’ll take a turn and go up another level.

The artwork for The Love Buzz’ EP The Candy Flip.
The artwork for The Love Buzz’ EP The Candy Flip.

The Candy Flip EP is only the beginning of an exciting journey for The Love Buzz. Already generating excitement across Cork, they have a bright future ahead of them.

Verdict: 8/10

Listen to The Candy Flip EP below:

Catch them live in Limerick when they launch The Candy Flip EP at the Record Room with support from Static Vision, later today. Doors open at 9 PM and tickets are €7 on the door.

The Love Buzz return to Cork on Wednesday 11th September at Dali, with support from Messying. Doors at 7:30 PM with tickets costing €7.

Get to know more about The Love Buzz, formerly known as The Slut Club, from when they featured On The Radar.

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