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Review: Race To Neptune – Abandon Fashion EP

Hailing from Fort Collins in Colorado across the pond, Race To Neptune released their first piece of new material since their 2016 debut, Oh Contraire.

Race To Neptune
Race To Neptune’s Abandon Fashion EP, is the follow-up to their 2016 debut album, Oh Contraire.

Race To Neptune’s first release since their debut album, came out at the start of the summer, featuring four new tracks. The indie rock band’s Abandon Fashion EP, starts off in misleading fashion.

Opening with ‘Mortal Melody’, provides a sound more like 90s grunge, not that there’s anything wrong with that, who doesn’t love a bit of dirty rock? It’s that what at first appears to be a grunge-influenced record, changes completely when the remaining songs have a more uplifting and accessible sound for all music lovers.

The band are finely tuned, with stunning melodies and invigorating hooks. ‘Departure’ is a song that would make you think Race To Neptune where from Northern England, as opposed to Colorado. With an instrumental that could pull similarities to some of Oasis’s climatic melodies and verses that would have Kasabian’s more laid back songs flash into your mind.

The title-track ‘Abandon Fashion’, closes out the EP in spectacular style with an instrumental that continues to rise and rise, choosing to end with an emphatic bang.

It’s an EP that is short but sweet, with gorgeous melodies and mixed with some intense moments. The likes of ‘Sunset’ and ‘Departure’ will be welcome additions to those summer playlists.

Abandon Fashion EP is the follow up to Race To Neptune’s 2016 debut album Oh Contraire, leaving the impression that the follow up LP is going to be worth the wait.

Abandon Fashion EP by Race To Neptune
Abandon Fashion EP by Race To Neptune, available to download or stream now.

The Abandon Fashion EP by Race To Neptune is available to download from Bandcamp now. Alternatively, you can stream the EP below.

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘Departure’ and ‘Abandon Fashion

Verdict: 8/10

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