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Review: Sunstack Jones – Sunstack Jones

Sunstack Jones are set to release their third album and it’s a sun-soaked, captivating record via DeltaSonic Records.

Sunstack Jones are back with their third album.
Sunstack Jones are back with their third album.

Sunstack Jones album is a sun-soaked affair that given the band are from Liverpool, it makes you wonder where they got their summer vibes from. Opening with ‘I’m On Your Side’, it’s immediately a song that wins you over. Starting in soothing fashion, it’s backed with a gentle beat that adds a warmth to the track. Throughout, it’s melody is hypnotic and draws you in. This is a sample of what to expect across the self-titled debut.

Each track has a psych vibe to it that is entrancing, while luscious melodies and slick beats get you moving, there’s no dull moment on the record. It’s an album that is filled with so much warmth and captivating moments. Like when the harmonica kicks in and raises the bar on ‘From Afar’, which is a stand out track on the album.

The band touch on heartwarming moments like on ‘Piano Drum’, when singing about picking yourself up and straying focused when reaching your goals. Singing “If you’re lost then found, keep up from now, then keep from the darkened road…”.

The way each song is composed is a work of art, bringing an uplifting feel from start to end. The band create melodies that are a thing of beauty with gorgeous guitar rhythms, smooth bass lines and slick beats. The crisp sound throughout the record is something that the producers who worked on this album deserve a lot of credit for.

It’s a great record from Sunstack Jones. Singing about self-belief, love and everything in between. The fact that they’re releasing their third album at the height of a (rare) beautiful English summer, it’s one that deserves to be listened to while out and about, soaking up that summer sun.

Sunstack Jones third and self-titled album artwork
The self-titled album from Sunstack Jones is out on June 29th via Deltasonic Records.

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘I’m On Your Side’, ‘ From Afar’ and ‘ Stay Awhile’.

Verdict: 8/10

One thought on “Review: Sunstack Jones – Sunstack Jones

  1. Looking like the album of the Summer,
    Mastered by Nick McCabe of Verve and the very much underrated Black submarine.

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