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Review: Forever in Debt – Forget Me Knot EP

Widnes band Forever in Debt, have released their second EP Forget Me Knot, via Society of Losers record label.

Forever in Debt
Forever in Debt’s new EP Forget Me Knot, is out now.

Grunge band Forever in Debt, are back with their second EP, Forget Me Knot. The four-track EP is the follow-up to their self-titled debut EP, which came out in 2016.

The EP opens with ‘Without a Sense of Summer’ and kicks off with aggressively soaring guitars and heavy bass. The trademark sound we’ve become accustomed to from the trio. Like a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs, as the intensity continues to swell throughout and explodes with thrilling guitars and a pounding beat.

A song about not being a people-pleaser, filled with anger and frustration. The mood really is displayed through the sheer aggressive style Forever in Debt throw themselves into.

Rabbit Hole’ starts in slick fashion with a smooth bass line and whirring guitar. However, the chorus once again unearths Forver in Debt’s angst with a swirling storm of guitars and hard-hitting beats. While it temporarily takes a breather, it quickly comes back in with an intense instrumental that should induce mosh pits when they hit the road.

The final two tracks were recorded live at Suff Studios in Colne, last summer. Forever in Debt turned heads with their debut EP and also Society of Loser’s first release as a record label. So it’s a nice homage to hear ‘Billy’ and ‘Chewing Bees’ again but this time live.

The more uplifting side of the Widnes trio throughout ‘Billy’, with it’s playful melody and quirky lyrics is a welcomed addition to Forget Me Knots EP. While the intensity of ‘Chewing Bees’ makes you wonder how electrifying it must’ve been in Suff Studio at the time of recording.

Forever in Debt’s new songs pack a punch, each in their own way. ‘Without a Sense of Summer’ hits you hard with it’s direct approach and aggressiveness, while ‘Rabbit Hole’ progressively builds into a swirling storm of sheer rock.

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Billy (Live)

Verdict: 7/10

Artwork for Forget Me Knot EP by Forever in Debt.
Forget Me Knot EP by Forever in Debt is out now.

Listen to the Forget Me Knot EP by Forever in Debt, below.

Catch Forever in Debt on tour when they play a hometown show on April 27th at The Studio in Widnes and then at Maguire’s Pizza Bar on May 19th.

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