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Inni-K @ The Roundy, Cork, Ireland 23/02/2018

JACKS is venturing into new territory, now plugging into the music that matters in Ireland. So on Friday night, we caught Inni-K at The Roundy in Cork City.

Inni-K during their single launch at The Roundy, Cork City.
Inni-K during their single launch at The Roundy, Cork City.

Celebrating the release of her new single ‘Edges’, Inni-K AKA Eithne Ní Chatháin, kicked off her Irish tour in the intimate setting of The Roundy. Supporting her on the first stop was local singer-songwriter Sam Clay, who stepped in on short notice for Elaine Malone who had fallen ill.

Sometimes less is more and that’s exactly what Sam provided upstairs in The Roundy. Sitting on stage with just his acoustic guitar to hand, it was a mesmerising performance. The way he played his guitar was a thing of beauty, on a level with the likes of Nick Drake.

Sam Clay filling in for Elaine Malone.
Sam Clay filling in for Elaine Malone.

Clay was able to generate a seren atmosphere, with delicate melodies and heartfelt messages that anyone could relate to. Each song accompanied an introduction and it felt like as he went on to perform, you’d think to yourself, I know what he means.

It was a short set from the Cork man but it was a beautiful start to the night.

With a quick turnover, there was only a short time to take in the opening set before Inni-K and her band took to the stage. The trio maintained the atmosphere that already filled the room, with beautiful sounds emitting from her ukelele or when she sat behind the keyboard.

The set was littered with heartfelt songs that’d grip you and make you fall in love with each word that she sang. While she sang, the gentle plucking of the double bass tucked in the corner of the stage and the soft beats from the drummer all complimented each other so well.

At one point a shruti box was introduced, an Indian instrument that Eithne came across during her time there. As she sang, it’s soothing sound entranced The Roundy. It was another moment where Inni-K demonstrated her skill of being able to seduce a room with such beautifully composed music.

Inni-K captivating The Roundy with their mesmerising sound.
Inni-K captivating The Roundy with their mesmerising sound.

Inn-K launched her new single ‘Edges’, in stunning fashion on Friday night, as she continues to build up to the release of her follow up to 2015’s, The King has Two Horses Ears.

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