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Outsider releases exciting single, ‘Míol Mór Mara’

Irish singer-songwriter Outsider, has released his latest single ‘Míol Mór Mara’ after recently signing with Warner Music.

Irish singer-songwriter Outsider releases his uplifting single ‘Míol Mór Mara’
Irish singer-songwriter Outsider releases his uplifting single ‘Míol Mór Mara’

Outsider’s first single under Warner’s Label W, is a throwback to 80s pop, filled with synth and a beat to make you dance. The uplifting track is set to feature on EA Sport’s FIFA 18 soundtrack, making for great motivational music when sorting out your tactics to mount a second-half comeback against your mate.

Míol Mór Mara’ is a fast-paced track filled with an energy similar to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’. Don’t pigeon-hole the Galway native though, as his way with words is nothing short of beautiful and poetic. While backed by a strong bass and an entrancing hook on each verse, the whole composition of Outsider’s ‘Míol Mór Mara’ is a stunning track you won’t want to end.

The single is taken from Outsider’s self-titled debut EP, which sees the poet flex his multi-lingual muscles, switching between English and his native As Gailege across the record. While football fans will be getting very familiar with Outsider as they play FIFA 18, this is another artist across the Irish Sea worth paying attention to.

Speaking about ‘Míol Mór Mara’, which translates to giants of the sea, Outsider said; “The song is about a child with downs syndrome I worked with when I was suffering from huge heartbreak and it had a profound influence on my life. The kid was so inspiring and pulled me out of a dark place really just by spending time with him. It’s got a lot of biblical references to Jonah and The Whale, which is symbolic of diving into the sea of the unknown and becoming something far greater than yourself in a spiritual sense.

Outsider EP, featuring ‘Míol Mór Mara’ is available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud now. Listen to ‘Míol Mór Mara’ below.

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