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On The Radar: HALEM

On The Radar has been out again searching for local sounds and showing up are electronic duo, HALEM.

Artwork for 'Do You Miss Me Now' by HALEM
HALEM are on our radar as they release their latest single ‘Do You Miss Me Now’.

HALEM consists of singer-songwriter Katy Bryson and instrumentalist Reece Cairns. The two combine to produce pulsating dance tracks, doused in pop vibes and undoubtedly deserve a place in any playlist to get your night out started.

The duo have just released their latest single ‘Do You Miss Me Now‘, with Bryson singing about her heartbreak of being cheated and asking if it was worth the consequences. Despite its theme, the song is backed with uplifting beats and captivating synths. Recorded in Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, the latest effort is catchy and Katy Bryson’s vocal range is impressive.

HALEM are still fresh, forming early in 2016 but already have a five track EP out and now another single. They’re drawing the right kind of attention around Liverpool with their live performances including light shows you’d expect at arena shows, rather than The Magnet.

Their self-titled EP is filled with party anthems that you can’t help but smile when listening. The delightful ‘Unstoppable‘ is so uplifting and then your unable to do anything next when ‘Gravity‘ urges you to get up and dance along. Listen to HALEM EP below.



Overall, the sound of HALEM is contagious because once you listen, you’re suddenly hooked by their anthems and want more.

HALEM’s next show is in Buyer’s Club on June 30th.

“The sound of HALEM is contagious because once you listen, you’re suddenly hooked by their anthems…”

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