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Gorrilaz announce live return in style with their own festival

It’s been six years since Gorillaz gave fans a Christmas present in 2011 with The Fall album, now they’re set to return in spectacular fashion.

Gorrilaz are making a live comeback with their own festival, Demon Dayz

The return of Gorillaz has been speculated for a long time now, with Damon Albarn and James Hewlett working away in the studio tirelessly. A new record was expected to come out last year but was pushed back when Hewlett said it was “really fucking special” and “can’t be rushed”.

A group of fans met Albarn at the start of the year, when they asked when they can expect to hear new music from the animated quartet, he said “soon, the album is finished and we’re now rehearsing for the live shows…” and it looks like they’re finally ready to share with us the next instalment of the Gorillaz whacky story.

Taking a full page advert out in the Metro newspaper, commuters on their way to work would’ve seen that Gorillaz are set to put on their own festival in June at Kent’s Dreamland theme park.

Demon Dayz is set to take place on June 10th, culminating with a headline set from Murdoc and co. No other acts have been added to the festival as of yet and tickets go on sale this Friday (March 10th) from Demon Dayz website at 9am.

Gorrilaz own festival, Demon Dayz set to take place in Kent this June

The ‘Feel Good Inc.‘ band haven’t given any concrete info about the new album but did release a new video as an anti-Trump track in January as the American president was sworn into office. The video for ‘Hallelujah Money‘ features 2015 Mercury Prize winner, Benjamin Clementine on vocals in the eery video, with silhouettes of Gorillaz frontman 2D.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDUrpPvU1_4&w=560&h=315]

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