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Gengahr @ Buyers Club 17/11/2016

London boys Gengahr, currently in the thick of their UK tour for debut album A Dream Outside, stopped at the Buyers Club to play tracks of their 2015 record and some new songs too.

The Buyers Club, tucked away on Hardman Street, is one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spots, a perfect place to escape the madness of city life, drawing you in with fairy lights that lead you to a beer garden that you’d even consider sitting in, even in this wintry weather.

In the Buyers Club was Gengahr, who were playing in Liverpool for the first time as

AGP starting off the night

headliners, as they continue to tour their impressive debut album, A Dream Outside.

In the intimate club, Gengahr had two bands supporting them, first up were local lads, AGP (Andrew Gordon Parry), setting the mood with falsettos and entrancing beats. It was a good start that had the attention of the growing crowd as they played tracks from their new EP, Dark Abba.

Leeds trio, Caro in action

Up next, were Caro, bringing their sun-soaked indie vibes to Hardman Street, making us forget that it’s the middle of winter. With tracks like ‘Cold Comfort‘, that was just full of energy and creating a buzz, it was an exciting little set from the Leeds trio.

Gengahr came on and immediately had the crowd in the palm of their hand with their psychedelic tunes, setting us into a trance for the next hour and a half. Carrying on with the summer vibes that Caro had started, Gengahr continued to make us feel as if it were t-shirt weather, rather than needing hats and scarves…

Frontman, Felix Bushe

With the likes of ‘Heroine‘, ‘Fill My Gums With Blood‘ and ‘Dizzy Ghosts‘, the London quartet reminded us just how good 2015s’ A Dream Outside is. Alongside the tracks from the band’s debut record, Gengahr also teased the captivated crowd with a handful of new songs too.

From start to end, the setlist had the audience dancing, singing, bopping along or all the above, as Gengahr made everyone forget about the outside world for a short while, bringing their fun and joyous music to one of Liverpool’s hidden gems, the Buyers Club.

Gengahr spreading positive vibes across the Buyers Club

It was their first time they put on a headline show in Liverpool and with an already dedicated fanbase here, that’s continuing to grow, it won’t be the last time either.

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