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Sigur Rós debut new song at Primavera Sound

They’ve been quiet since they finished touring their last LP, Kveikur back in 2013 but Sigur Rós are on the festival scene this summer loaded with their best tracks and now new stuff too.

The Icelandic trio played at the Spanish festival, Primavera  Sound last weekend, treating the crowd to classics such as Sæglópur, Ny Batterí, Festival and more, one highlight was the new and eery track ‘Óveður‘.

The band have been posting on Instagram over the last few months as they prepared for a busy summer of festival appearances, rehearsing and recording what we can assume is for the next record.

We know Sigur Rós can go dark, we know they can even get a bit creepy with some of the songs they’ve put out over their long and illustrious career but new song ‘Óveður‘ is up there with them. It brings back memories of 2012 release, ‘Valtari‘, which was a great concept album, especially the video project that accompanied it, featuring Shia LaBeouf.

The band have a stage set up that’s dark, simplistic, yet haunting. It’s classic Sigur Rós. What looks like neglected scaffolding spread across the stage and entrancing video work going on in the background with lighting that blackens the stage. The band create an atmosphere that we’re all familiar with; intense, powerful and entrancing. Listen to ‘Óveður‘ below.

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA71n2uZVEM]

It’s been three years since Sigur Rós added to their stunning discography, after their recent performance at Primavera, it looks like another addition is not that far away.

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