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Interpol frontman, Paul Banks and RZA unveil new album

It’s been three years in the making, Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA announced in 2013 he was working on a new project with Interpol frontman Paul Banks. It’s now 2016 and they’re ready to share with us what they’ve been working on.

Last month, the duo revealed the project’s name; Banks & Steelz. Today, not only did they share with us a list of top musicians set to feature on the project but also gave us a new track, ‘Giant‘.

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmLGavnYzmY]

An unlikely collaboration, the aggression of RZA, the yearning from Banks, it shouldn’t do but this works well… Really well. This is just one track from the album titled Anything But Words. There’s another eleven tracks we’re yet to hear from the record but they’re coming out all guns blazing and this album is going to be one of the biggest of the year if ‘Giant‘ is anything to go by.

Set to appear on the album includes Florence Welch of Florence and the Machines, RZA’s brought in some of his crew with Masta Killa and Method Man both appearing on the Banks & Steelz project and more lending their vocals to the album too.

The duo are releasing Anything But Words on August 26th and also announced a series of live shows across America, hopefully this means they’ll be venturing over to the UK too.

Have a look at the Anything But Words tracklisting below:

  1. Giant
  2. Ana Electronic
  3. Sword in the Stone [ft. Kool Keith]
  4. Speedway Sonora
  5. Wild Season [ft. Florence Welch]
  6. Anything But Words
  7. Conceal
  8. Love and War [ft. Ghostface Killah]
  9. Can’t Hardly Feel
  10. One by One
  11. Gonna Make It
  12. Point of View [ft. Method Man and Masta Killa]

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