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The Strokes return with Future, Present, Past EP

Appearing on Annie Mac’s show earlier in the week, the New York band unveiled a new EP scheduled for release featuring three new tracks.

Julian Casablancas and co have been quite since their last album, ‘Angles’ came out in 2011. But out of nowhere, the indie giants have emerged with a glorious EP, FUTURE PRESENT PAST.

The EP caters for all fans, with each track giving us a reminder just how diverse this band has been, each song giving a nod to The Strokes future, present and past. The four track EP is set for release on June 3rd but can be streamed now on Apple Music and Spotify.

The EP opens with ‘Drag Queen‘, with a long intro, heavy guitars and bass line, it’s already oozing with that quality sound only The Strokes can provide. Throughout, Casablancas’ words are dubbed with a falsetto as the song keeps its intensity, which only builds from start to end. It’s a strong start and if this is the future of The Strokes, then the future is bright.

The second track, ‘OBLIVIOUS‘ gives vibes from start to end that only the latest album, ‘Angles’ provided; funky, fun and emotional. Repetitive, upbeat chords make this easy to dance to and the chorus catches the frontman in a position of vulnerability when you hear him yearning the lines “what side are you standing on? What side are you standing on?“. It’s a brilliant track and if anyone happened to question if the New Yorkers still got it, the simple answer is, yes, they do.

The final new track on the EP, ‘Threat of Joy‘ takes us back to the beginning, when the revolution of indie began. From the moment the guitar is struck for the first time, you can hear how much this track is a part of the first album ‘Is This It?’. It’s a delicate song and it’s fitting that we get to hear it while the weather is so glorious over Merseyside as it’s a perfect summer track.

The EP ends with a remix of ‘OBLIVIOUS’ courtesy of drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

 [spotify id=”spotify%3Aalbum%3A2OkdkfVKqje8mj7g1iLroV” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

FUTURE PRESENT PAST is available to stream now via Spotify or Apple Music and will be released for digital download on June 3rd. Listen to the spectacular return of The Strokes above.

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