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Mick Flannery @ St Luke’s, Cork 18/05/2019

Mick Flannery returned home to play three sold-out nights at St Luke’s to celebrate the announcement of his sixth album due out later this year.

Mick Flannery @ St Luke’s, Cork 18/05/2019
Mick Flannery rolled back the years with a mesmerising performance.

Mick Flannery returned to his hometown Cork, to celebrate what’s set to be a busy 2019 for the Blarney man. His sixth album, self-titled, is due out July 5th. While his debut album Evening Train, has been turned into a play, that’s making its premiere on June 13th.

Valerie June @ St Luke’s, Cork 18/05/2019
Valerie June came from Memphis to open up for Mick Flannery.

Joining him during his three-day residency was Valerie June, who came all the way from Memphis, Tennessee to support Flannery.

It’s safe to say that St Luke’s is one of Cork’s most stunning live venues and the fact that Valerie June got to perform in the church only added to its beauty. Her charm, wit and powerful voice won over the people that filled the pews.

Valerie mesmerised with her songs of hope, love and joy, all with a warming smile on her face. In between songs she would share stories about her life in the Deep South and her philosophies. While most would see this as a bit, her sincerity is what won the crowd over.

Valerie June @ St Luke’s, Cork 18/05/2019
Valerie June charmed the crowd during her opening set at St Luke’s.

She returns to St. Lukes on Thursday 23rd May for her own show and her glittering, literally glittering, performance is one that you’ll be kicking yourself over if you miss it.

Mick Flannery took to the stage alone, with just a sole light shining on him as he took his place at the keyboard. Easing the people into his career-spanning set. There was an eagerness to the crowd, as they were deathly silent, hooked on every note he played and every word he sang.

Mick Flannery @ St Luke’s 18/05/2019
Mick Flannery @ St Luke’s 18/05/2019

As the night rolled on, Flannery and his band lit up St Luke’s with rock that was packed with rumbling guitars that echoed of the church walls and then the next song would have you succumb to the heartfelt folk tales. Flannery struck the perfect balance as he played songs of old and new.

Even though the crowd were in the palm of his hand, it was endearing to see that with the success he’s found, there was still a shyness about him when he’d speak to his audience. Sharing stories of how ‘The Small Fire’ originated or that he owes royalties to a friend in America for the little comedic songs they create together.

In one of Cork’s most picturesque venues, was one of Cork’s most vivid storytellers through song. It was a perfect combination. 

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