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Review: The Slow Readers Club – For All Here To Observe

Manchester indie quartet The Slow Readers Club, have kicked off New Music Friday with an acoustic EP, For All Here To Observe.

The Slow Readers Club
The Slow Readers Club strip down songs from each of their albums on the For All Here To Observe EP.

The ‘Supernatural’ band are set to embark on a UK and Ireland tour this October, celebrating the release of their fourth album Build A Tower, which was released earlier this year.

Before hitting the road, Aaron Starkie and co have released an acoustic EP, titled For All Here To Observe. With a reputation for thrilling and energetic live shows, this stripped down EP is like a calm before the storm.

Featuring tracks from across all four albums, The Slow Readers Club rework new and fan-favourite songs in a stunning fashion. Rearranging the likes of ‘Block Out The Sun’, ‘I Saw A Ghost’ and ‘Lunatic’, the band have found a new way for fans old and new, to fall in love with classics again.

Starkie’s singing ability still grips you like a vice, with his powerful vocal range. The way the band find another way to instill a deep intensity into ‘Lunatic’, is enthralling. As the acoustic guitars play off one another and Aaron’s voice sings with urgency, it’s an exciting alternative to the Build A Tower track.

While on ‘Block Out The Sun’ has had many airings as an acoustic number on stage but hearing it recorded, it’s a poignant end to the EP.

The Slow Readers Club artwork for For All Here To Observe EP.
For All Here To Observe, the new EP from The Slow Readers Club is out now.

Tracks worth putting on repeat: ‘Supernatural’, ‘Lunatic’ and ‘Block Out The Sun

Verdict: 8/10

Catch The Slow Readers Club on tour later this year in Belfast’s Limelight on October 12th and in Dublin on October 13th at The Button Factory.

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