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Blaithin Carney returns with empowering new single

After already knocking Ed Sheeran off of top spot in the Irish charts, Blaithin Carney returns with new single, ‘No Means No’.

Blaithin Carney
Releasing her latest single, ‘No Means No’, Blaithin Carney strikes a chord.

Blaithin Carney is back with another single set to take over airwaves, with a hard-hitting single, ‘No Means No’. The Naas native singer finds a way to make her voice heard about the topics on the forefront of everyone’s mind. ‘No Means No’ is a blunt song about something that shouldn’t be constantly reappearing in the news.

Careney’s latest offering strikes a chord, when we still have a society that doesn’t fully understand what no actually means somehow.

The latest single focuses on the lack of discussion about consent and the tension within the song really conveys the frustration that this is still a problem. With heavy chellos and the piano backing, it sets a tense mood.

The chorus comes to life after Blaithin Carney sings lines such; “there’s a word that falls on death ears…” and then cries out that “no means no”. It’s a song filled with frustration about the lack of communication and being disregarded as if a woman’s opinion doesn’t matter.

Standing up and adding a voice in a time when it couldn’t be any more important, Carney adds to the likes of the #TimesUp and #MeToo movement. The dramatic song is set to make you stop in your tracks and think.

Blaithin Carney recently returned to Naas for a hometown show at the Naas Midsummer Festival. Performing her breakout single ‘Rome’ that has received national coverage on RTÉ Radio 1 and latest ‘No Means No’, Carney has been turning heads as we pass the halfway mark in 2018.

After overcoming personal battles herself with the crippling illness fibromyalgia, she’s defied the odds to continue to perform and top the charts.

Listen to Blaithin Carney’s latest single ‘No Means No’, below.

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