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Review: Plastic – Here, There Is No Gravity

Chester band Plastic, have released there debut album Here, There Is No Gravity via Sweet Low Records. We’ve been listening to see how their first effort turned out.

Here, There Is No Gravity by Plastic
Here, There Is No Gravity by Plastic, out now.

Forming back in 2015, the band have released two EPs and toured relentlessly as they built up to this moment of putting out their debut, Here, There Is No Gravity. Their heavy rock/grunge sound has gathered a lot of attention and now they’ve unleashed their feature length album upon us.

The album opens with ‘Flossing’, it flows so well with piercing guitars and a growing sense of aggravation as it progresses. They set the tone early on the record and you’ll notice the common theme of frustration and aggression throughout.

Plastic create this feeling that’s like withdrawal symptoms. They’ll pull you in at times with soft openings and then blow you away with sudden explosive riffs and adrenaline-pumping beats. Their eractic style is intense as you never know what direction a song is going to go.

The feeling of self-doubt and anxiety shows so much in the lyrics, like on ‘Melt’ when frontman Matt Awbery sings “Why be a hero?… It doesn’t matter…”. Wondering why should we bother if nothing matters, his harrowing lyrics show he isn’t holding back. Again on Mirror Silhouette, when you spit out so many lies, it doesn’t matter cos the truth is always there; “I don’t really know and I don’t really care, all I know is the truth is always there…”. Not afraid to be to the point, Awbrey’s lyrics can cut you in two with his brutal honesty.

You can hear the influences from the likes of Nirvana and Soundgarden, with the unmistakeable grunge sound of distorted bass and echoing melodies. There are hair-raising moments on Plastic’s first album that are made for live shows. With the likes of Situations and Wool set to take the roof of each venue they play at.

The band spoke about Here, There Is No Gravity; “We’re extremely excited to release a body of work that we hold very close to our chests, a lot of pain went into creating this record, but a lot of happiness too. I feel we have created a dynamic record that takes you on a journey. Thematically this record delves into my struggles with substance abuse, the highs and the lows of it and the lack of control, hence the title “Here, There Is No Gravity”.

A personal record, you can hear the themes spoken about, especially on ‘I’ve Been Floating’. The need for escapism is captivating, with the tempo going back and forth, it’s like diving in and out of a trance. The high he’s on is captured through the heavy melody and as he sings; “I’ve been floating… in to a different place… and I’ve been glowing… with the stars… and I’ve been floating… into your hollow arms…”.

Here, There Is No Gravity is packed with a punch filled with roaring riffs, crashing cymbals and vividly detailed lyrics. The feelings from start to end are one of constant angst and when they release that built-up tension, it’s a thrilling moment.

An impressive debut record from Plastic, with it’s aggression and intensity, it demands your attention.

Verdict: 7/10

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘Situations’, ‘Mirror Silhouttes’ and ‘I’ve Been Floating

Here, There Is No Gravity, the debut album by Plastic is out now.

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