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On The Radar: Barney Goodall

On The Radar returns with Barney Goodall, the London native who calls Liverpool his home.

On the Radar - Barney Goodall
On the Radar – Barney Goodall

Barney Goodall is a part of Ocean Wave Productions, revealing his latest track ‘MASS’, earlier this week. Already receiving the backing from the likes of BBC Merseyside’s Dave Monks, Goodall’s hypnotic sounds and powerful ballads are captivating.

The Londoner’s latest track ‘MASS’, brings out his political side, Barney said; “[It’s] probably one of the few tunes I have which has a more defined message about the modern global issues we face, the anthropocene, global industry and our systems of economic distribution, peak oil, ecological decline, and the lack of will to make any real change.

His powerful vocals demand your attention as he conveys his message, backed with a pulsing beat. The tension throughout the track never fades and only grows stronger as he gives his thoughts on the global issues at hand. ‘MASS’ hypnotises you with it’s calming synth but it’s Goodall’s incredible singing that takes ahold of you. Check out the video for ‘Mass’ below.

Along with the new track, Goodall has a collection of uplifting and soulful tracks, such as ‘Fallen Love’, which has a touch of blues, mixed with synth-pop. It’s an ode to a woman he only sees the beauty in and in return we hear the beauty of his musical abilities.

The talented musician hasn’t any announced gigs in Liverpool for the near future but when the chance arises to catch him live, it’ll be one not to miss.

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