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Upcoming gigs – September

Here you can see all the upcoming gigs throughout September!

Upcoming Gigs

The 27 Club, Victoria Street

1/9 – The Bigfoot Sessions: Vol 4 feat. John R Chatterton, Chris Callander, Ragnarok, Mike West and Weybourne Chester Bingley 7:30pm

2-3/9 – Musicians Against Homelessness

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Arts Club, Seel Street

2/9 – The Hummingbirds w Eleanor Nelly, Kyle Crosbie and The Southern Soul Assembly 7pm – Main Room

21/9 – Frank Iero and the Patience 7pm – Main Room

24/9 – Lewis Watson 7pm – The Loft

27/9 – Lucy Spraggan 7pm – Main Room

Buyers Club, Hardman Street

23/9 – In By One’s w Joe Symes & The Loving Kind and Three From Above 7:30pm

The Cavern Club, Matthew Street

20/9 – 2OS w Beija Flo, Shamona and Plastic Barricades 7pm


Drop The Dumbulls Gallery, Dublin Street

9/9 – WIFE Cake Ahead EP Launch w Salt the Snail and Forever In Debt 7pm

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E.B.G.B.S, Seel Street

22/9 – The Resurrection Men present Le Rock Macabre – An alternative rock show 8pm

Hangar34, Greenland Street

2-3/9 – Musicians Against Homelessness

Musicians Against Homelessness Line Up 2017
Musicians Against Homelessness Line Up 2017.

Invisible Wind Factory, Regent Street

9/9 – Strange Collective All Dayer Vol. 2 feat. Strange Collective, Ohmns, Danye and more 4pm

The Jacaranda Club, Slater Street

7/9 – Fiona Grey 7pm

8/9 – Flooded Basement 10pm

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedlia
Liverpool International Festival of Psychedlia 2017.

14/9 – Psych Fest Season: They Will Have To Kill Us First @ Picturehouse at FACT, Wood Street 6:15pm

A documentary directed by Johanna Schwartz about Islamic extremists banning music in Bali and how the musicians refuse to obey and fight against the extremist organisation for their right to sing. Featuring music from Khaira Arby, Fadimata Disco, Walet Oumar, Amkoullel, Moussa Sidi and Psych Fest headliners, SONGHOY BLUES.

21/9 – Psych Fest Season: Psychomania @ Picturehouse at FACT, Wood Street 6:15pm

A 70s thriller about undead frog worshipping bikers, terrorising innocent people across Walton-on-Thames. The film was recently restored by the BFI and was written by two blacklisted Americans and a psych-funk soundtrack to go with it put together by John Cameron. The film also holds the title of the last role that George Sanders would play.

21/9 – Psych Fest Season: PZYK Presents: Ducktails @ Constellations, Greenland Street 7pm

This year’s festival kicks off the music side of things with New Jersey native Matt Mondanile’s Ducktails, with support coming from Ali Horn and rock outfit The Goa Express. This festival’s tagline is “This festival will destroy you” but if you ask us, there are a lot worse ways someone or something could destroy you.

22-24/9 – Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia 2017 @ Camp and Furnace, Blade Factory and District in the Baltic Triangle. Begins 3pm September 22nd.

From our preview back in February; “Topping the bill, stateside band, The Black Angels along with Mali outfit SONGHOY BLUES, providing a wide diversity of bands from around the globe. Psychedelia wouldn’t be so appreciated and recognised today if it weren’t for the input from The Black Angels, making it a highly anticipated set to see come the end of September. While co-headliners, SONGHOY BLUES will be gracing us with there presence for what will be a rare UK performance.”

The Magnet, Hardman Street

1/9 – This Feeling Presents: The Americas w Life At The Arcade, Little Triggers and WEEKEND WARS 8pm

2/9 – Cherry Cola Club 8pm

8/9 – Edge & Off Axis presents: We Were Glue w Three From Above and Kosmonauts 7pm

19/9 – Broadside w Trash Boat 7pm

21/9 – The Van T’s 7:30pm

22/9 – Coquin Migale 7pm

28/9 – This Feeling presents: The Wholls 8pm

29/9 – The Vryll Society Summer Residency: The Vryll Society w Sugarmen, BRIBES and The Mysterines 8pm

Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Renshaw Street

4/9 – The Glass Child w Emma Buckley 7pm

6/9 – Burn The Yearbook w Back Garden Light and Cove 8:00pm

9/9 – Tranquil Sea w Lola and more 7:30pm

10/9 – Crossroads, Evertimy w Lightblue and Smother 11pm

11/9 – Dick Valantine (Electric Six) 7:30pm

15/9 – Mike West w Chris Young and Creaky Bones 7:30pm

16/9 – Ending Paths… 7pm

21/9 – Thunder And The Gypsies 7pm

24/9 – Boycott The Baptist… 7pm

28/9 – Ships Have Sailed 6:30pm

30/9 Fallopian Dude w Yellow Belly Stragglers, Villly Raze and more 7pm

O2 Academy, Hotham Street

16/9 – Zulu w The Irenes and The Sway 7pm – Academy 2

21/9 – The Jesus and Mary Chain w Sugarmen 7pm

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Hope Street

21/9 – Texas 7:30pm

Studio2, Parr Street

2/9 – OGS Presents: The Wools w The Covasettes, M60 and Deep.Sleep 7pm

15/9 – Charly Bliss 7pm

21/9 – Little Barrie 7pm

The Zanzibar, Seel Street

2/9 – The Zanzibar presents: Ales James Brierley & The Sound w Wildfires, Skive, Dark Polaris, The Highside and Seamus Patrick McKenna 7:30pm

17/9 – David Ford 7pm

23/9 – The Zanzibar and Loyal to the People presents: The Bohos w Spinn, The Continental Phase, Arno and The Ruby Smoke 7:15pm

28/9 – Seafood Trio w AudioJunk, Eastcote and Monks 7:30pm

29/9 – This Feeling presents: SHEAFS w Himalayas, The Jjohns and The Mono LPs 8pm

30/9 – Musicians Against Homelessness: Rain w Digsy, Joe Symes & the Loving Kind, Hegarty, The Quicks and Beatnik Hurricane 7:30pm

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