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Tributes flood in for those affected by the Manchester attack last night

Last night, the Manchester Arena was packed out by people of all ages to see Ariana Grande. At the end of her set, a bomb went off. As details become clear of what happened in the Manchester attack, the music world has united in support for those affected.

The Manchester attack has seen the world unite in support of those affected.
The music world has united in light of the Manchester attack.

Ariana Grande, in the midst of a world tour, played to a full M.E.N Arena last night. The crowd had a of people in attendance, from school kids to adults to see a singer they adored. As the performance reached its end around 10:30pm, a bomb was set off causing confusion and panic.

It was later confirmed that the incident was indeed a terrorist attack, claimed by ISIS. So far, it’s resulted in the death of 22 people and at least 120 injured, with many still missing.

The Great Manchester Police are releasing the details of those who died in the blast, including 8-year-old, Saffie Rose Roussos from Leyland, Lancashire.

Saffie Rose Roussos, only 8 years old was one of the first victims named in light of the Manchester attack
8-year-old, Saffie Rose Roussos. One of the youngest victims of last night’s explosion during Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

Liverpool cab drivers offered to go to Manchester to bring those from Merseyside home, while others in Manchester have been opening their homes.


Meanwhile, festivals across the UK have united in a 24-hour social media blackout, out of respect to those affected.


Musicians and celebrities across the globe have been showing their support through social media.

Manchester pop legends, Take That were scheduled to play in the Echo Arena tonight but have decided to postponed. Idle Frets posted that 50% of the sales made at their merch stand in Cardiff tonight and online will go towards helping.


If you’d like to donate towards the crowdfunding set up by Manchester Evening News, click here.

A vigil is scheduled to take place at Albert Square in Manchester at 6pm outside the Town Hall.

Our thoughts go out to all affected by last night’s attack. Going to a gig is a time when we come together for an evening where we see our heroes and idols, who we share a love for and experience some of the best moments in our lives. To go and have that safe space violated in such an awful way is devastating.

Seeing everyone share their thoughts on last night’s events shows that in adversity, fear won’t divide us but makes us stronger and come together.

No one should ever go to a gig and not come home.

The Manchester attack has seen support from all over the world towards those affected.

If you’re worried about a family member or friend who might be affected by the attack, call the support line 0800 096 0095.

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