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On The Radar: Black Pulp

We’ve had our radar out looking around Merseyside and jumping out at us are Liverpool lads, Black Pulp.

Liverpool based, Black Pulp grip your attention and don't let go
Liverpool based, Black Pulp are a band to watch…

With only a handful of songs available at the moment, Black Pulp still manage to draw you in with catchy hooks, synths and intimate lyrics.

The band’s latest offering, ‘Cry Again‘ is a track that misleads you in the beginning, with a gentle and calming open, before exploding to life and picking up in tempo. With a similar style of Two Door Cinema Club with catchy hooks and a fun beat, the track puts a smile on your face as frontman, Jack Smith yearns on the chorus, “don’t make her heart cry again…

S M O K E S C R E E N‘ has really caught our attention at JACKS, being one of the best tracks we’ve heard in some time. It has an entrancing atmosphere from the beginning and before you know it, you’re under their spell. With a hypnotic guitar line coming and going throughout, the track is truly a beautiful piece of work. Smith’s vocals have a falsetto over them and it creates a vibe reminiscent of The XX, the spirit of the song is captured as he sings gently, “Time goes by, this will never pass, no one cares…“.

Their first release that’s nearly a year old now, ‘Vapour‘ is a sun-soaked song that can really brighten up your mood. It’s got a sound similar of Foals Total Life Forever album and is a joy to listen to. With dizzying hooks and a slick bass throughout, it’s a song made for those longer days of the summer. As Smith sings about his adoration for a Joy Division-shirt wearing girl and all the small things that sets her apart from the rest of the crowd, you can really lose yourself in this delightful track. It closes out with an instrumental that’s perfect for dancing around to. It’s almost a disappointment that it comes to an end, until you put it back to the start to enjoy all over again.

So with only three songs in their arsenal for now, it’s an exciting time ahead for Black Pulp, who are already strong in creativity and diversity.

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