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Review: The King’s Parade – Haze EP

The King’s Parade are set to release their second EP, Haze, giving us a collection of songs filled with passion and soul.

The King's Parade
The King’s Parade are set to release their latest EP, Haze on May 12th.

The London based band take us on a journey filled with angst, passion, love and a lot of soul on their latest offering, Haze EP.

Consisting of four tracks, The King’s Parade give us another collection of songs that are made for any mood. Opening with ‘Not Yet‘, it opens with two sets of guitars coming together with separate rhythms but providing a sense of calm. It changes fairly quickly as frontman, Olly Corpe begins to sing and the drums join the song to create an intensity that maybe wouldn’t be expected when the song opened. With a sense of regret throughout this track, it’s a song that’s captivating and sweeps you off your feet as it progresses.

The band create a sound throughout the EP where one minute you feel a sense of angst and next a feeling of fun and excitement. The powerful vocals of Corpe and the way these songs are pieced together, it makes for such an easy listening experience. With the topics of love, ambition and hope, the soulful performance on each track is a pleasure to hear.

You can hear influences from the likes of Alabama Shakes throughout but The King’s Parade own the sound and put their own spin on Americana and soul in a more rock style than the ‘Give Me All Your Love‘ band.

The lead-single, ‘Haze‘ is an endearing way to close out the band’s second EP. The calmest track on the EP and even then there’s still a lively edge to the love song that brings the latest offering from The King’s Parade to an end. It’s a song that embraces you the same way that the singer wants to embrace the person he’s singing about.

The EP is set for release Friday, May 12th and overall, it’s an exciting if only short gathering of tracks. The band’s talent of being able to draw you in and perform with a level of intimacy and intensity, at times within the same track, makes Haze EP such a delight to put on and listen to.

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘Not Yet‘ and ‘Haze‘.

Verdict: 8/10

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