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Ian Janco debuts first single, ‘Life’ since moving from The States

Ian Janco released his debut single, ‘Life‘ at the start of the month, bringing some Californian sun to our Mersey shores.

Ian Janco
‘Life’ first single from Ian Janco since moving to Liverpool from California.

Growing up in California, with a mentor in legendary singer-songwriter Carole King, Ian Janco seemed to always be destined for a life engulfed in music.

Since making the move from America to Merseyside, Janco has put his band together to enlighten us with fun, heartwarming and uplifting songs. Giving us a taste of this, the Californian has released his debut single, ‘Life‘, which has been well received as the singer is starting to make a name for himself in England.

Opening with cheery whistles and delightful sounds of the ukulele, within the opening ten seconds, the tone for ‘Life‘ is set. A breezy feel to the track, with a catchy chorus, it’s hard not to get sucked in to the spirit of Janco’s first effort since venturing to our side of the pond.

Filled with joy from the first chord to the last, Ian says about ‘Life‘ “is about missing somebody, and telling them that you love them and want only the best for them.” A message that comes across clearly, sometimes these kind of songs about love or adoration can be overbearing but Janco finds the right balance without driving the message home too hard.

We caught Ian Janco and his band live last month in Studio2 when he supported Laurel. It’s a set that raises spirits and draws you in, from his uplifting songs to the creative way of getting the audience involved. The good vibes the band give in their songs, transfer to the stage really well and make them a band worth seeing live, ensuring you’ll go away with a smile on your face, pretty much the same when you reach the end of the new single ‘Life‘ before putting it on repeat.

Listen below to Ian Janco’s new single, ‘Life‘ and let us know what you think of it by tweeting us at @JacksMusicMedia or like us on Facebook and tell us there.

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