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The Courteeners leave gig early when bottle hits Liam Fray in the face

The Courteeners were performing in Kingston last night when the band cut the gig short after frontman, Liam Fray was hit in the face by a bottle.

Currently touring all over the UK, The Courteeners made a stop down south in Kingston for the New Slang club night at The Hippodrome. Only three songs into the set, frontman Liam Fray stopped the gig after someone in the crowd threw a bottle, which struck him in the face mid-song.

Watch the incident unfold, as caught by Omer Ronayne, who shared his clip on Twitter…

You can clearly see the moment Fray is hit in the face with the bottle, which is no surprise that they decided to end the show early as a result.

It’s not the first time The Courteeners have had problems with the crowd, in the past they’ve had other incidents of people throwing bottles on stage and also on another, a fan threw a smoke bomb during one of their shows, which engulfed the Kentish Town Forum, bringing their show to a halt.

Later last night, it appeared that Liam had confronted the bottle-thrower on Twitter, replying to something they tweeted but later deleted. “Good. Don’t want people like you watching us…”

New Slang, the organisers of last night’s gig, took to Twitter to apologise and express their mutual feelings about the incident that everyone in the venue would be feeling after the antics of one person.

Hopefully this’ll be a lesson learned for all gig-goers that when throwing things at gigs, you have the potential to spoil a night not just for fans but for the band too.

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