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WhiteCliff @ The Cavern 20/4/2016

WhiteCliff are currently on the road, showcasing their new single ‘Five Minutes‘. On Wednesday, the lads made an appearance at the infamous Cavern…

WhiteCliff brought with them two local bands, with The Drifting Classroom and Ovvls stepping up to kick off the night.

The Drifting Classroom brought their jazzy vibes to The Cavern and got the night started in a unique way, adding a lively touch, in a way that’d make you want to get up and dance. The set was short but to the point, and that point was made, the night was going to be one for enjoying good music and having fun.

The Drifting Classroom live
The Drifting Classroom kickstarting the night in The Cavern

Following them up were a fresh-faced band in OVVLS. Very different to the first act but their synth-filled songs really had a sense of beauty about them. Full of emotion that just gripped your attention from the start to the end. The powerful vocals and entrancing

Ovvls Live
Duo, Ovvls mesmerising onlookers

melodies, this is a band that can really draw you in.

The mood had swung from energetic to enchanting on a rollercoaster night of mood swings in terms of music but WhiteCliff were next and they had a set prepared to make sure that the night was going to send you home on a high.

From the first chord struck, you weren’t in any doubt that this band were out to have fun and make the most of their time on stage. The songs really gave a lift and drew everyone in, with the likes of title track from their EP, ‘Young Lovers‘ summery feeling brightening up the darkened basement of The Cavern.

There was a moment when they brought the mood down but you’d forgive them for doing so after hearing their stunning, dark track ‘Wolves‘. As I said, this night was a rollercoaster of emotions, there had to be another low on the ride in order to get to the next high…

The new single came on towards the end of the set, a track that’s oozing with a sense of hope and fun throughout. On record it sounds good, live though, it raises up a whole new level. When frontman, Olly explodes on to the chorus, it’s urgency really hits you and it’s a song that doesn’t lose tempo, its fast-pace makes you really feel that you are running out of time as he sings, which is something you don’t want to happen when watching this band live.

WhiteCliff Live
WhiteCliff captivating The Cavern

2016 so far has been a year that has seen us lose far too many talented icons this year and WhiteCliff paid tribute to one of those icons, David Bowie, with a brilliant rendition of ‘Heroes‘.

The night concluded with a new song from the band, full of energy and is a song that will have any fan of the band excited to hear when it finally comes out on an EP or album in the future. Temporarily called ‘The D Song‘ right now, it was a perfect way to end the night.

We had a chat with WhiteCliff earlier that day before their show, have a read on what they had to say about touring, the music scene in Liverpool and their plans for the future by clicking here

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