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On The Radar: Culleton

Latest up On The Radar is Tipperary rapper, Culleton, on the back of the release of her new track, ‘Control Freak’.

Words by Jack Squibb

Patsy Culleton
On the Radar returns with Tipp rapper, Culleton breaking out with debut single ‘Control Freak’.

Self produced via GarageBand, the debut single from Culleton dropped last week and already, the Tipperary rapper has people stopping in their tracks. Standing out in a sea of talent that Ireland boasts right now, her combination of spoken word and rap is a breathe of fresh air.

Following in the footsteps of her Mercury Prize award nominee aunt, Gemma Hayes and throw in the fact she’s just turned 16 as well, it’s clear to see there’s a talent there that others never get close to obtaining.

A tense and pulsing beat laid underneath her from the outset, Culleton sets the tone from the start. Trying to pull away from the “control freak” in her life, after reaching her wits end:

No time for your shenanigans, now I’m back again… there’s a control freak in your mind…

Sharp tongued and no nonsense, the Tipp rapper doesn’t hold back in her debut release.

Listen to ‘Control Freak’, the debut single from Culleton below.



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