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On The Radar – Mexican Dogs

Liverpool duo, Mexican Dogs are the latest to flash up On The Radar with their debut single ‘Run, Run, Run!’.

Words by Jack Squibb

Liverpool duo, Mexican Dogs.
Liverpool duo, Mexican Dogs have dropped their heavy-hitting debut single, ‘Run, Run, Run!’. Photo via Instagram.

Formed at the start of 2020, Mexican Dogs have spent the first four months of the year working behind the scenes, getting ready to unleash their sound upon the masses.

Mid-lockdown, the duo finally unveiled the details of their debut single, ‘Run, Run, Run!’, along with teasers of the official video too. The Merseyside pair had put the track together in 3rd Planet Studios in Liverpool, with help from Andy Fernihough who produced and mastered and mastered the track.

Run, Run, Run!’ was released on April 17th and opens with a tense beat and rumbling melody, setting the tone immediately.

Singer, Gary Wilcox doesn’t hold back in his adoration for the person at the centre of the song. With sounds akin to Royal Blood, it’s stacked with heavy riffs and stomping beats that deserve to explode through the speakers.

Wilcox sings away about justifying his actions, with no bad intentions intended:

I’ve ten good reasons, ten more feelings to show… I’ve got ten more reasons to go…

I didn’t do it for love, I didn’t do it for life, I didn’t do it to hurt you…

It’s a gritty rock song that while you can’t bounce around to in venues right now, you can turn up loud and lose control around your home.

This would be the part where we’d list the upcoming gigs for the band that’s On The Radar but gigs aren’t a thing these days. In the meantime, watch the video for ‘Run, Run, Run!’ by Mexican Dogs below.

Run, Run. Run!’, the debut single from Mexican Dogs is out now.


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