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On The Radar: Bullet Girl

Hard to miss on the radar after a storming performance when opening for Feet in Dublin recently, Bullet Girl are the latest to feature On The Radar.

Words by Jack Squibb

Dublin band, Bullet Girl. Photo by Conor Diggin.
Dublin band, Bullet Girl are the latest to flash up On The Radar. Photo by Conor Diggin.

A band not afraid to hit on the heavy topics that swarm the grittier parts of Dublin, Bullet Girl have been unleashing their brand of alt rock since 2016.

The Dublin band is made up of Aaron Doyle, Dylan Keenan, Mark Duffy and Tony Keys. Together they produce a cacophony of sound that swallows you whole and spits you back out with bursts of energy.

Playing with a grittiness, their swirling hooks on ‘Duffy’ are dizzying when you also take into account its ferocious pace. It’s 90’s prog rock style is made for being played loud as the drums pound throughout and the bass shakes you to the core.

Meanwhile, on the latest single ‘The Rush’, it’s happy-go-lucky plucks of the acoustic guitar and punchy beat is uplifting. Frontman, Doyle singing in a care-free manner about a girl taking joy in going off the rails, it makes for a infectiously fun track.

Looking back on their opening set for Feet at the start of November, it was a breath-taking performance. A quote from the night summing it up as:

Loud, intense and fun. What more could you ask for?

Bullet Girl are developing a reputation for their intense live shows and turning heads, gaining airtime from the likes of Today FM, 2FM and Dub City FM spinning their first release ‘Wasted’.

With more new music on the horizon after recent recording sessions with Girl Band’s Dan Fox, Bullet Girl should definitely be on your radar for 2020.

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