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On The Radar: Munky

Dublin disco infused punk band, Munky are On The Radar at JACKS as they get ready to drop their explosive new single ‘Megaton’.

Dublin funky punk band Munky.
Dublin funky-punk band Munky are set to release their new single ‘Megaton’.

Munky have been causing people in the capital to throw shapes while they sing about toxic masculinity, insecurities and grizzly murders in the near future. The twist with Munky though is how their sound swings back and forth between funky melodies and hard-hitting punk.

The band released their debut EP Un, Deux, Trois, Cat earlier this year, which earned them a supporting slot for Meat Puppets during their European tour.

Munky’s EP saw the band explore their sound with infectious melodies and thunderous drums. They don’t hold back either when driving their points of view across like on ‘Cuck Rock’, taking on the men who simply strip women down to nothing more than sex objects. The song capitulates in spectacular fashion with a ground-shaking instrumental.

After a song packed with intensity like ‘Cuck Rock’, Munky showcase their funk roots on ‘Ms. Communication’. The song has a slick melody to it, with a smooth bass line and flutters of a guitar creating an ambient mood. Frontman, Zachary Stephenson sings about the contrasting thoughts and conversation in the build up to a one night stand during a night out.

Listen to the debut EP, Un Deux, Trois, Cat below.

The band revealed themselves to the world with their impressive debut EP. Now they’re back with new single, ‘Megaton’ set for release on September 27th.

Megaton’ sees Munky really flex their muscles, melodically it’s tense with a punching beat, rippling bass line and glistening hooks. When it hits the chorus it roars to life with explosive stabs of the guitar and speaker-breaking pounds from the drums.

Stephenson taps into his storytelling side, from the perspective of a murderer trying to justify their actions to their latest victim. The grizzly tale is vivid and keeps you on edge from the opening line:

I’ve been sitting in my room… thinking about… how I finished you…”.

To the last:

You do it to yourself… you do it to yourself… that’s why there’s no escaping it…”.

This song is going to hit venues like a storm when Munky take it on the road.

Speaking about the latest release, Zachary Stephenson said:

This track was built off the drum and bass groove. We threw any semblance of music theory out the window, and just wrote what felt write. The lyrics came from the music, I was singing a lot of non-sequiturs when we’d jam, and certain themes emerged.

He continued, “Sam (rhythm guitarist) says it sounds like earth but not earth. Like we teleported in to the future and found the remnants of a world that looks like earth but dead. Conor (lead guitarist) started throwing down some wild ‘far out man’ sounds from his guitar which perfectly fit the mood. Don’t ask us how he made the airplane sounds at the end of the track.

Munky during their set at Knockanstockan 2019.
Munky during their set at Knockanstockan 2019.

The thrilling new single, ‘Megaton’ by Munky is out on Friday 27th September.

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