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OTHERKIN @ The Workman’s Club, Dublin 08/08/2019

As we take in the news that OTHERKIN are going their separate ways, we look back on their recent gig in The Workman’s Club.

OTHERKIN @ The Workman's Club 08/08/2019.
OTHERKIN @ The Workman’s Club 08/08/2019.

A special series of concerts, We Are Workman’s will take place over the next few months, which kicked off with OTHERKIN, who curated the night.

Pieced together by the Dublin four-piece outfit, they selected some influential bands from within their circle. It was then followed by some of their favourite DJ’s in the Dublin scene.

First up was Blushing Boy who have only been on the music scene for a short time and will be releasing their debut single ‘Consumer‘ later this month. Yet they come across as a confident band, with frontwoman Ella Naseeb putting in a very strong vocal performance, supported by rich backing tracks from her four band mates.

Synk were another relatively new five-piece electronic band from the capital city. They have notched up plenty of miles on the Irish circuit, including a main stage slot at Knockanstockan earlier this year.

They played with strong vocals and lots of very experimental sounds from their plethora of guitars and keys.

Next to the stage is the THUMPER wall of sound. It’s been a great year for THUMPER as they have played a string of festivals, including an appearance at Primavera, Barcelona.

With no shortage of guitars and two drummers, it didn’t leave much room for jumping around on the stage but the audience will always make some room on the dance floor.

Experiencing a THUMPER gig is what I imagine big wave surfing must feel like, as you are hit with multiple waves of sound and when you think you are on the mother wave, you get by another hit that takes you higher.

OTHERKIN @ The Workman's Club 08/08/2019.
OTHERKIN @ The Workman’s Club 08/08/2019.

Any small areas that were free on the dance floor were quickly occupied as OTHERKIN took to the stage. As they belted out a sync-pop fused ‘All That Remains Won’t Be The Same‘, which was a change in their sound with the lyrics demanding a change in society from men in power.

There was a notable change in the OTHERKIN sound with a more electronic influence. There was no doubt that it was a result of their recent work with Chemical Brothers producer, Steve Dub. What does remain in the band’s sound was their raucous attitude in the live environment, which is loved by the fans.

OTHERKIN @ The Workman's Club 08/08/2019.
OTHERKIN @ The Workman’s Club 08/08/2019.

Although most of the audience could fallen into the under-25 category, they certainly recognised the intro to ‘Firestarter‘ by the Prodigy. Most certainly a big influence on the new and slightly synch-pop sound that has crept into a more mature OTHERKIN.

Along with favourites from the debut album, there are already clear favourites from the soon to be released farewell mini-album Electric Dream, such as ‘Tombstone‘ and ‘On & On‘.


The band announced on social media that due to the cost of being in a band, from touring to hiring recording studios, the band felt that they have run out of steam to carry on.

In a statement, the band confirmed that they will be cancelling their upcoming UK tour but will still play at Electric Picnic in Stradbally in two weeks time.

OTHERKIN also revealed that as a parting gift, they’ll be releasing a mini-album with six new songs, titled Electric Dream on September 20th.

A farewell tour across Ireland will be announced at a later date.

All photos taken by Garrett Stack. Check out the full gallery below.

  • OTHERKIN @ The Workman's Club 08/08/2019.

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