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On The Radar: Sprints

Ireland has been subjected to a big resurgence in alt-rock lately and now JACKS’ radar has just picked up on Sprints, who are the latest to join revival.

Dublin four-piece band, Sprints
The latest show up on the radar, Sprints debut single ‘Pathetic’ is out now.

Sprints are a four-piece band hailing from Dublin and their debut single ‘Pathetic’ shows they’re anything but.

Their debut single ‘Pathetic’ gives a glimpse of what to expect from Sprints. Classic rock with hints of grunge and post-punk, the Dublin band give an insight of the Sprints world with their first effort.

Going through the trials and tribulations of a bad break-up, the insecurities are heard in the first line from Karla Chubb, who sings “why won’t you love me back, I know it sounds pathetic”. It’s not a love song but more revelling in the contempt she has for someone she did once love.

Band members Karla Chubb, Colm O’Reilly, Sam McCann and Jack Callan recorded ‘Pathetic’ in Darklands Studio with Dan Doherty.

Heavy riffs that are a throwback to classic rock, along with pounding drums, it’s a demading song that rip-roars through to the final quarter. It then halts and bursts to life again with an exhilarating instrumental.

Sprints celebrated the release of their first single with a launch gig in The Sound House on Eden Quay in Dublin. Since the launch, they’re now gearing up for a host of shows across the Irish capital.

They’ve already caught attention from those near and far, including Alexis Kings. The UK band brought Spints along as support for the Irish leg of their European tour.

The debut single ‘Pathetic’ by Sprints is out now, listen below and let us know what you think.

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