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Review: Pretty Happy – Ego, No Ego

Cork trio Pretty Happy, dropped their debut EP Ego, No Ego out of the blue in April.

On the radar, Cork’s Pretty Happy get set to release their new single ‘Mr. Crabs’
The debut EP Ego, No Ego by Pretty Happy is out now.

Pretty Happy gave little warning about the release of the Ego, No Ego EP. The seven track release is an introduction to the world of Pretty Happy and finally shows why people have been praising their live shows.

An EP that shows that the Cork band aren’t a one-trick pony, each full-length track has a different angle. Modern day frustrations from being “ghosted” and trying to deal with it to being hooked on a toxic relationship.

Shut Up’ brings bubbling tensions right from the start as frontman Aaran Blake grows more and more frustrated of playing the waiting game as it dawns on him he’s being “ghosted” and explodes in the form of a mental breakdown with screams of “shut up”, over and over again by the end.

Delay’ stands out as a flowing and wholesome song of appreciating that they can’t give everything the other half wants and the vulnerability that comes with it.

Broken up with trippy interludes, it’s like being directly inside the chaotic mind of the band. Ego, No Egoends with a short insight of the creative process on ‘That’s Over-Cooked, Man’ and ends on a blunt note: “Turn off the fucking recorder, man”.

Packed with exciting guitar lines and infectious melodies, Ego, No Ego keeps you on edge for the most part.

In between trippy interludes and a slight glimpse into the mind of Pretty Happy, their debut effort is thought-provoking, loud and unexpectedly meaningful.

Not a bad start for the Cork trio.

Verdict: 7/10

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘Mr Crabs’ and ‘Delay

The debut EP, Ego, No Ego by Pretty Happy is out now.

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