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Blaenavon frontman Ben Gregory, updates fans after “difficult year”

After a turbulent 2018, Blaenavon frontman Ben Gregory, has given fans an updated on his health and their second album.

Blaenavon during their set at Benicàssim Festival in 2017.
It was a hectic 2017 for Blaenavon, with festivals across Europe, including Benicàssim.

Blaenavon turned many heads with their impressive 2017 debut album, That’s Your Lot. The Hampshire trio toured extensively for the majority of 2017 and into early 2018. While most know how touring can effect artists, we don’t always see the full extent it can take.

Blaenavon frontman Ben Gregory, had a particularly tough 2017, which saw the singer spend time in hospital after a breakdown. The ‘Prague ‘99’ singer revealed the details of his difficult road to recovery throughout 2018 in a three-part statement:

Following an incredibly hectic and difficult 2017, I incurred a stress-related breakdown and was hospitalised just before Christmas. Some of my friends noticed my behaviour had become more erratic and confused. I hadn’t slept for 4 days. My dear friends Toby and Deborah took me to A&E Homerton, without whom I don’t know where I’d be right now. I received the support and peace & quiet I so needed. After just over a month in the ward I was released and returned to the love and support of my parents back home.

Blaenavon’s lead shared anecdotes of his time during his recovery, being able to see the humour within the difficult period:

I met some truly beautiful people and whilst some of my paranoid theories were deeply disturbing, other were hilarious. I attempted to break out of the ward swiftly after my hospitalisation, convinced that my collaboration with Kanye West had hit the Christmas number 1 spot and they needed me at Radio 1. Some shit you just have to laugh about.

Gregory’s bravery to come forward and share his difficult year in detail is a wonderful thing. Using his platform to share that it’s ok to admit you’re not ok, that there is a way through those tough times.

Ben Gregory during Blaenavon’s set at Y Not? Festival 2017.
Ben Gregory during Blaenavon’s whirlwind set at Y Not? Festival 2017.

The musician also went on to give fans an update on Blaenavon’s follow up to their 2017 debut. He also shares how the album’s recording sessions played a vital part in his recovery:

…I felt some of this might help towards an understanding of what we were working on in 2018: our second album, which we recorded in June during my recovery. The album is about suffering, guilt, love, family and overcoming trauma. It’s going to be called Everything That Makes You Happy’ and I think it might be the most important thing I’ll ever create.

While exciting to see what their second album will be called. It’s even better news to see Ben doing well again.

Blaenavon @ Arts Club, Seel Street
Blaenavon @ Arts Club, Seel Street, December 2017

You can read the full statement below:

Ben Gregory of Blaenavon’s statement, part one
Ben Gregory of Blaenavon’s statement, part two
Ben Gregory of Blaenavon’s statement, part three

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