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Review: RUN iN RED – Undercover, Overthrown EP

Dublin quartet RUN iN RED capped off a successful 2018 with the release of their second EP, Undercover, Overthrown.

RUN iN RED ended 2018 with the release of the Undercover, Overthrown EP.

The American-Irish Americana outfit RUN iN RED, have had their second EP out in the world for a few weeks now and it’s made it’s way to JACKS HQ.

Fronted by Neil Russell, as the EP opens with ‘The Sirens’, his rugged voice immediately draws a similarity to Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill.

It’s layered lovely with flowing guitars that echo as it builds towards the climax. While singing about wanting to feel something more, when facing the struggles of everyday life. The mood of the song makes you hope that it’s a battle they’re winning.

The common denominator on the Undercover, Overthrown EP is the catchy and beautiful melodies. The harmonising towards the end of ‘The Sirens’ and ‘See Where the Pressure Is’ and the use of the ebow on the latter are moments that will stand out.

RUN iN RED struck a chord with the mainstream, receiving acolades for ‘Fade Away’, when released last spring. It’s no surprise with Russell’s ability to paint a picture with his romantic lyricisms, as he finds someone to pull him through hard times; “I fade away but she gives me a reason to stay…”.

Throughout, there’s a feel-good vibe on the Undercover, Overthrown EP. Even during the darker tones of the EP, there’s still a beacon of light in there. They tap into their musical roots, with an Americana sound dominating the EP.

With every listen, Undercover, Overthrown grows on you, as you discover a new element to it each time it goes back to the start.

The new EP from RUN iN RED; Undercover, Overthrown, is out now.
The new EP from RUN iN RED; Undercover, Overthrown, is out now.

Songs worth putting on repeat: ‘The Sirens’ and ‘Fade Away’.

Verdict: 6.5/10

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