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SOMA #3: Heroes in Hiding @ Cyprus Avenue, Cork 05/10/2018

SOMA returned to Cork’s Cyprus Avenue last night with Cassidy Blue, Waterford’s Central Hall and Dubliners Heroes in Hiding all on the bill.

Heroes in Hiding @ Cyprus Avenue for SOMA #3.
Heroes in Hiding rounding out SOMA’s third visit to Cork.

SOMA is a regular feature in Cyprus Avenue’s gig listing now with three nights under the belt and the fourth already lined up for November. Their third night in Cork was started with late additions to the line up, Cassidy Club.

Imagine every pop-rock song you’ve heard in a 90s/early noughties romcom that features someone like Ben Stiller. You’ve got Cassidy Club.

Cheesy pop-rock songs filled with quirky melodies and an on-stage quirkiness, it was enjoyable at first but quickly repetitive. Each song was more or less the same with the likes of ‘Friendzone’ or the cringey new song ‘Hot Mess’.

The biggest input from the back-up singer too, was that she informed us that the magazine they have for sale includes puzzles. Other than that, awkward shuffling on the spot and looking on, you’d forget she was there.

Cassidy Club @ Cyprus Avenue 05/10/2018
Cassidy Club during their opening set at Cyprus Avenue.

They have fun on stage and enjoy what they do but lack of variation saw the crowd become disengaged and dwindling by the end of the set.

Following that up were Waterford boys, Central Hall. Packed with infectious melodies, they had the audience gripped from the start.

Central Hall @ Cyprus Avenue 05/10/2018
Central Hall during their emphatic set at Cyprus Avenue during SOMA #003.

They performed with a swagger and it oozed into the crowd. Their rushing instrumentals were hard-hitting and exciting. Each member showcased just how good a band Central Hall are. From the charismatic frontman Jordan Gough, who was in awe of the guitarist himself at times, to the flawless bassist RJ Kavanagh, who’s style of playing was captivating.

Central Hall frontman Jordan Gough, during their set @ Cyprus Avenue.
Central Hall frontman Jordan Gough, during their emphatic performance at Cyprus Avenue.

Yet the main praise has to go to guitarist Eamon Ganley, who’s quality was simply outstanding. While drummer Alex Gough, matched his talent with cool beats and impressed when taking on singing duties too for the slick ‘Under Control’.

An absolute whirlwind and enthralling set from Central Hall.

A band headlines a gig, what do you expect? Great songs? A captivating performance? An enthusiastic crowd taking it all in? Two out of Three were achieved tonight.

Heroes in Hiding @ Cyprus Avenue for SOMA 003 05/10/2018
Heroes in Hiding bringing SOMA 003 to a close.

Heroes in Hiding are celebrating the release of their debut album Actor, and it’s no wonder either. With stunning melodies and a beautiful combination of synths with sultry hooks, it was a riveting set.

However, even though there was an attentive crowd, it seemed that everyone that filled out most of the main room earlier had vanished either out of the venue or to the bar at the back. Seeing what they wanted, it seemed that they didn’t have the balls to stick around and discover new music.

Heroes in Hiding headline SOMA #003 @ Cyprus Avenue
Heroes in Hiding during their closing set of SOMA 003 in Cyprus Avenue.

Show some respect, yes, there were great bands before them but why bother going to a gig (free or not), if you’re just going to leave early? Take a chance, how do you expect local talent to progress or expand their fan base, if you’re going to leave before they even come on stage?

Powerful combinations of heartfelt lyrics and passionate melodies drove into the soul of those in the crowd and it was a truly emphatic performance from Heroes in Hiding. You could see what their music means to them as they wore their hearts on their sleeves.

With uplifting songs like ‘All Is Well’ and what was like a nod to Public Service Broadcasting’s Race to Space album with ‘MDCCCLXI (Neptune)’, it was an atmospheric and moving performance.

Pity people didn’t stick around to actually witness it and god forbid, discover a new artist to add to their collection.

Heroes in Hiding @ Cyprus Avenue
Heroes in Hiding performing tracks of their debut album, Actor.

SOMA returns to Cyprus Avenue on November 3rd with The Murder Capital set to bring an explosive set to Cork.

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